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I Do… Take You As My Wedding Planner

By C. Spinks

Organizing guest lists, color schemes, venues, food, decor and more can all get overwhelming. But, hiring a wedding planner can alleviate much of the natural stress that comes with getting your big day together. Here are some key items to keep in mind when searching for an awesome wedding planner.

Questions To Consider Before Hiring A Planner

1. Wedding Coordinator Or Wedding Manager?

If you’re looking for support in your planning process, you can start by determining the areas where you need the most assistance. 

A wedding coordinator should make sure you are checking all the boxes needed to prepare for your big day while also helping you stay within your budget. This particular planner’s main responsibilities include creating timelines, finding vendors, managing guest lists, seating arrangements and supporting wedding party preparation. This part of wedding planning can be stressful, even for the most A-type personalities. So, hiring a wedding coordinator is best for couples who want to take the pressure off. 

From what we’ve seen recently, many couples are taking more active roles in all aspects of wedding planning and may seek a wedding manager to support their vision execution and vendor management on the actual day of. A wedding manager should be someone you trust. Furthermore, this option is also perfect for couples who have a modest budget. 

2. Who Is In Their Rolodex?

A wedding planner that comes with contacts can save you a bunch of time. If the planner hasn’t shared this with you first, ask your potential planner about their preferred vendors. Also, ask yourself whether the vendor’s aesthetic matches your vision. And would you receive a discount on preferred vendor services through the planner?

Remember your planner should be taking a huge amount of responsibility off your plate, so hiring someone who has the right resources to connect you with is key. 

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3. Are There Other Weddings Booked The Same Week/Day?

As you get closer to your special day, you will engage with your wedding planner more often. It may be helpful to know if the planner is working on other weddings around your date, so you can gauge his or her level of accessibility during that time. 

Some planners may have a team to support them, especially during peak wedding seasons. But, this is not the case for all. That’s why asking your prospective planner for a timeline of task completion can give you a glimpse into their level of organization, while also holding them accountable to meet deadlines. 

4. Do They Have Good Reviews?

Before choosing a wedding planner, see if they have ratings and reviews listed for previous projects. We suggest looking at reviews on reputable wedding websites as a guide during your selection process. 

What questions are you hoping to ask potential wedding planners? Let us know in the comments below!


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