Bridal Brands for the Eco-Conscious Bride and Groom

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In celebration of Earth month, we are excited to shine a spotlight on bridal brands that are leading the way in sustainable design. From wedding gown designers to invitations, the following brands make true on their promise to promote sustainable living by limiting waste in production in addition to using recycled materials. Join us in applauding these trailblazing brands as they redefine bridal fashion with a conscious twist.

Nadia Manjarez

Nadia Manjarrez recently launched her own line of modular gowns. These gowns are all about giving brides the flexibility to rock multiple looks on their wedding day with just one dress. And here’s the best part – since wedding gowns are usually a one-time wear, Nadia offers an upcycling service.

Brides can bring back their gown after the wedding, and Nadia’s team in Mexico will work their magic to transform it into something new for another special occasion. Plus, she’s all about using recycled materials, especially taffeta, to craft these beautiful pieces. Nadia’s creativity and sustainability approach are truly making waves in the bridal fashion world.

Photo Credit: Nadia Manjarrez


Brenna Simmons introduced nordeen, a bridal collection that embraces mindfulness towards transparency, materials, and nature. Transitioning from her role as a sustainable ready-to-wear designer, Brenna embarked on creating a bridal line influenced by the beauty of nature and her commitment to its preservation.

The collection is a result of collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers who prioritize responsible production practices. With a focus on using natural fibers in their woven materials, each garment in the collection is meticulously crafted by talented artisans located in New York City and Los Angeles.

Nordeen Bridal
Nordeen Bridal

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Taylor Custom Rings

According to Pinterest, searches for Moissanite gemstones have increased by 294% since last year! When it comes to stunning solitaire engagement rings, Taylor Custom Rings is a leader in making timeless and ethical designs with moissanite and lab-grown diamonds.

Meticulously crafted with lab-grown diamonds and gemstone, each Taylor Custom Rings’ solitaire engagement ring represents a commitment to sustainability without compromising on brilliance or quality. Taylor Custom Rings is devoted to the creation of beautiful and unique custom rings using recycled metals. They also believe in crafting engagement rings without the negative environmental impact of new mining.

The Charlotte Ring (paired with Florence band in photo) $2,375.00

The Charlotte ring has all the dainty elegance of royalty, with a generous 1.75ct center stone, dainty diamond halo, and milgrain accents. 

The Eri Ring – Taylor Custom Rings $2,875.00

This solitaire features a 3.5ct antique-cut elongated cushion center stone. A delicate band and setting make this striking lab-grown diamond or colorless moissanite the star of the show.

The Elisa Wedding Band– Taylor Custom Rings $2,000

This wedding band is nothing short of a showstopper. Your choice of five or seven diamonds span the top of the finger, linked by double shared prongs. Elisa adds serious sparkle to an engagement ring stack. She can also stand alone as a welcome addition to any finger.

Photo Credit: Taylor Custom Rings

Ring Bear

Ring Bear is the ultimate sustainable men’s wedding ring brand. Their wedding bands are crafted from recycled gold and platinum, ensuring sustainability without compromising on style, quality, or comfort. As the first carbon-neutral brand in its market sector, Ring Bear leads the way in eco-conscious jewelry for men.

By using recycled metals, Ring Bear reduces energy consumption by 97%, water usage by 99%, and CO2 emissions by 99% compared to traditional gold mining methods. The recycled materials maintain the same look, feel, and value as newly mined gold, making them a guilt-free and environmentally friendly choice.

Gold Close Up

Photo Credit: Ring Bear

Botanical Paperworks

Who doesn’t love a cute (and sustainable) invite! You can go green and spread love by opting for eco-friendly plantable wedding invitations, seal and send wedding invites, plantable wedding favors, and other biodegradable seed paper products that sprout into beautiful plants!  All of the wedding invitations by Botanical Paperworks are embedded with seeds and are available in multiple colors and designs, as are the seed wedding favors, tags, place cards, and reply cards.


Photo credit: Botanical Paperworks

By Associate Editor, Candice Davie

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