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Tips for Couples Navigating a Wedding Postponement

If you are one of the many couples who has a 2020 wedding date set, you may be wondering what in the world you should do now with the unexpected news of this COVID-19 pandemic.  The state bans on large gatherings have made it clear that most spring and summer weddings this year will need to be rescheduled.  

After months of planning, this realization is devastating and stressful to say the least but, your health and the health of your loved ones is top priority.  If you have a wedding date set from now through June 2020 and are not sure what your next steps should be, we’ve broken down some tips that will help give you some clarity.

  • Check on the current government mandates in your state that for gatherings and how long they are projected (most states right now are recommending no gatherings of more than ten people).

  • Reach out to your guests to inform them that you will be postponing.

  • Contact your venue immediately and ask about next available dates to reschedule, in case you need them.

  • Next, ask your photographer and videographer  if they have the same available dates as the venue.

  • Reach out to your other vendors like the florist, caterer, etc.  to find out their next availability as well, if you do decide to push your wedding date back. Research some backup options since some of your first-choice vendors may not be available on your postponed date.

  •  If you still have your heart set on getting married this year, consider an elopement, and planning a reception or party to celebrate in 2021 instead.

  •  Use this time to build a foundation for your marriage.  Learning how to grow through life’s challenges together will be something that can strengthen your marriage for years to come.

You may feel like this is the death of a dream  but, remember that delayed does not mean denied.  By pushing your date back, you will have even more time to give all of those details your attention and really enjoy your wedding day when it comes without the cloud of a possible health crisis looming.  

Peace of mind and still being able to celebrate life and love every day will always outweigh any setback. In these days together, take the time to breathe, laugh, dance, and cook together knowing that nothing in the world can separate the love that you have for each other.  



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