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How Do We Know If A Destination Wedding Is Right For Us?

By Stephanie Kilson-Thomas, Owner of KT Travel & More LLC

Getting engaged is such a fun and memorable experience! As soon as it happens, wedding planning is all you can think about! 

Who are you going to invite? Who’s going to be in your bridal party? One BIG question is, WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GET MARRIED? Have you considered a destination wedding, but not sure if it’s the right move? 

Here are 5 things to consider that can help you determine if a destination wedding is right for you!

Couple: Melanie and Brian Fernando,
Wedding Date: June 10, 2016
Venue: Casa Kimball, Cabrera Dominican Republic
Photographer: Melissa Marte, @mmartephoto

1.You have guests traveling from all over. You may have family and friends that live all across the United States (or outside of the US) and will be traveling for your big day. If everyone’s going to be traveling, choose a fun place that everyone will enjoy and have a good time celebrating you as a couple!

2.You’re planning a wedding on a budget. Speaking from experience here when I say this: WEDDINGS CAN BE EXPENSIVE! A destination wedding is definitely the way to go if you’re planning a wedding on a budget: the wedding packages offered by resorts are cost effective and include majority of your needs for your wedding and reception, some people you invite may not be able to travel (also reduces the pressure of feeling that you HAVE to invite everyone if you were planning a local wedding),  and you also get to honeymoon where you have your destination wedding, cutting out a second expense!

3.You want to escape the weather conditions where you live. We all know that hurricane season is June 1 through November 30 every year, but we also know hurricanes don’t hit everyday and don’t hit every destination. The beauty of a destination wedding (if you’re thinking of Mexico, the Caribbean…and even South Florida) is that it feels like summer year-round, boasting beautiful weather you and your guests will love!

4.You hate making tough decisions. Destination wedding packages are detailed to a T, leave little room for decor faux pas, and relieve you of all the stress that comes with decision making for your wedding. When talking to destination wedding bride Sophia Jordan, she said, “I had a difficult time making all the micro decisions that came with wedding planning; the destination wedding packages made it much easier!”

5.It’s what you want! I mean, whose wedding is this, anyway? If this is your first wedding or second rodeo, a destination wedding is right for you if that’s what you and your future spouse have decided on. Destination wedding bride Melanie Fernando agrees: “One of the main reasons we chose a destination wedding was that it felt right and perfect for us. We love to travel and wanted to share that part of us with our close friends and family, making it a weekend long celebration to spend quality  with everyone versus it just being one day.”

Couple: Sophia and Alphonso Jordan
Wedding Date: November 10, 2017
Venue: Royalton Blue Waters, Trelawney, Jamaica
Photographer: Janelle C. Photography

Congratulations on your engagement, and happy destination wedding planning!

Stephanie Kilson-Thomas is a destination wedding travel specialist. She is the owner of KT Travel & More LLC, a certified destination wedding travel agency based in Dallas, TX, serving destination wedding couples nationwide. You can contact her at:

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @kttravelandmore

Facebook: KT Travel & More LLC

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