An Elegant Black & White Wedding in Foxborough, MA

This couple’s beautiful love story began in Boston, back in December of 2018 when they met at an annual family celebration. Samantha saw Zachary from across the room during the event and made a comment about how handsome he was. Zachary was told by his best friend that he piqued Samantha’s interest, and this was the moment that created all the other beautiful moments that followed. Although it took a few weeks from that night for things to finally kick off, Zachary made sure he did not let Samantha slip away. She was smitten, and if you know Samantha then you know it takes a very special man to do that.

They both spent weeks talking on the phone for hours about everything under the sun (including the sun and of course astrology- Samantha was convinced that this Aquarius and Virgo pair with their moon signs in Aries and Leo were the perfect match). Zachary started courting Samantha and they spent several months dating and almost inseparable. Zachary proposed on the anniversary of the day that they met during that same annual family celebration in December of 2020.

See all of the gorgeous details from their wedding day captured by Christian Wilson of PEO Productions, that included a wedding party of over 25 people!

Bride: Samantha Cardoso, 39, Director of Medical Cost Innovation

Groom: Zachary Cardoso, 35, Firefighter/Military Veteran

Photography: Christian Wilson, PEO Productions

Place of Residence: Boston, MA

Wedding Date: September 18, 2022

Wedding Location: Lakeview Pavilion, Foxborough, MA

Wedding Theme: Black and white color scheme with crystals and candles; class and elegance

Honeymoon Destination: Santorini, Greece

Photo Sep 18 2022, 7 01 30 AM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 7 19 25 AM
Photo Sep 17 2022, 3 00 36 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 3 56 04 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 9 11 43 AM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 1 58 55 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 4 17 34 PM

Briefly tell us about your wedding experience and how the both of you felt on your big day. Include your most memorable moment. 

Our wedding experience was breathtakingly beautiful, peaceful, and filled with love from our beautiful, and caring family and friends.

Our most memorable moment was our first look. The moment we locked eyes and knew we were headed to forever truly created a sense of peace, a moment of relief, and a moment we both knew with words unsaid that we have finally arrived “home”.

Wedding song, explain choice for song: We chose two wedding songs, “Spend My Life With You” by Eric Benet ft. Tamia and “Soul Provider” by Romain Virgo. We chose these songs because of the deep connection and commitment we have together and apart, specifically, when Zachary had to be away for military training. We’ve always felt a deep soul connection, not to sound cliché but the feeling of truly finding your other “half”.

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Continuing to build our life together and grow our family (a few more little ones). Grow together spiritually, emotionally. Create something better than we could have imagined, something designed by God’s will and not ours.

Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day:

Enjoy the day because it goes by so fast. Appreciate every detail, moment, and person as best as you can. Find little special moments with your partner. Hold hands and kiss often.

Photo Sep 18 2022, 5 31 05 PM
Photo Sep 17 2022, 5 28 24 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 5 43 17 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 5 48 31 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 5 57 23 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 1 38 45 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 1 45 48 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 1 10 10 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 2 18 46 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 6 12 32 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 2 40 44 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 2 44 22 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 2 39 56 PM
Photo Sep 18 2022, 5 04 37 PM

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