A Black-Owned Skincare Routine to Help You Get Glowing Skin For Your Big Day

As you prepare for your upcoming big day, skin care is so important for you to find priority for. By working on the overall appearance of your skin in preparation of your wedding day, you allow your skin the time and space to find what works best for it, stick to the routine and see real changes you have set your sights on.

And as we know how important keeping the dollar in our own communities is, we decided to craft a carefully crafted and curated list of the best of Black-Owned skincare products for you to shop and take notes from so that you can establish an effective routine to help you achieve the bridal glow of your dreams.

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Cleanser: Buttah Skin Facial Wash & Cleanser for African American Skin

This cleanser from Buttah Skin is specifically designed for those with melanin in mind. 

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Image by Buttah Skin.

Exfoliant: Humanrace Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator

Pharrell’s Humanrace skincare brand has crafted a gentle yet effective exfoliator made up of top shelf ingredients like lotus leaf and glycolic acid to remove dead skin.

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Image by Humanrace.

Toner/Essence: Pat McGrath Divine Skin: Rose 001 The Essence

An essence is a liquid product that is typically added to a routine to help all other products penetrate deeper into the skin with their active ingredients inside. This essence from Pat McGrath does all that while also imparting a luminous glow onto your skin.

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Image by Pat McGrath Beauty.

Serum: Shani Darden Retinol Reform Anti-Aging Serum

Serums are perfect for locking in all the great ingredients already provided through your skincare routine and this Retinol Reform from critically acclaimed esthetician Shani Darden does all that and more helping to drastically improve texture and overall look of skin.

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Image by Shani Darden.

Serum: EADEM Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum – Hyperpigmentation Treatment

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your skin as it relates to dark spots and hyperpigmentation, try out this serum by EADEM.

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Image by EADEM.

Serum: Mary Louise Cosmetics Miracle Serum

Mary Louise Cosmetics has crafted a brilliant serum that provides the miracle of natural acne-fading properties and a dose of Baobab Oil which is a natural antioxidant that’s high in omega fatty acids, making it perfect for those wanting to perfect their face card.

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Image by Mary Louise Cosmetics.

Eye Mask: Topicals Faded Under Eye Mask

To ease tension and the look of fine lines on your under eye area, try out these award-winning and critically acclaimed under eye masks by Topicals.

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Image by Topicals.

Face Mask: KNC Beauty Big Set

Face masks are an easy way to get some self care in while also nourishing your skin. This face mask set from KNC comes with three bio-cellulose face mask that each help to hydrate, brighten and soothe your face.

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Image by KNC Beauty.

Eye Moisturizer: Undefined R&R Hydro Jelly 

Eye moisturizer is a must if you want to get rid of or eliminate the look of aging or tired eyes. This moisturizer for the eye by Undefined is a hydro jelly formula that melts into the skin and hydrates for a supple look and feel.

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Image by Undefined.

Face Moisturizer: Bounty & Full Skin Food

This Skin Food moisturizer from Kelis’ Bounty & Full brand is a game changer! Packed with nourishing and anti-aging ingredients like cucumber seed and aloe oils as well as green tea and carrot seed, this cream is a dream for those looking to remain forever young.

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Image by Bounty & Full.

SPF: Cay Skin Head-to-Toe Bundle

Cay Skin has made SPF approachable for Black and brown skin and this head-to-toe bundle from the brand comes with both SPF moisturizers for the body and face so that you can hydrate and protect your skin all at once.

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Image by Cay Skin.

Lip Care: KNC Beauty Supa Scrub Set

The key to moisturized lips is to exfoliate. Kick off your lip care with this exfoliating scrub from KNC Beauty and top it off with their Supa Balm for kissable lips.

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Image by KNC Beauty.

Body Serum: Topicals Slather Body Serum

Slather by Topicals proves that serums aren’t just for the face. And with its

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Image by Topicals.

Body Moisturizer: Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream

Keep your skin dropping in moisture with the ultra-famous Fenty Butta Body Cream. Its whipped makeup makes for a meltable application that is smooth and leaves a youthful glow for all over the body.

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Image by Fenty Beauty.

Body Oil: Keys Soulcare Sacred Moisturizing Body OIl w/ Marula Oil

Lock in the moisture of your body cream with this nourishing body oil from Keys Soulcare founded by Alicia Keys.

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Image by Keys Soulcare.

Written by Kennedi LéShea.

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