A Chic Wedding in Miami Beach, FL

Natisha and Sean-Michael both grew up in Antigua, went to the same college, and knew of each other through mutual friends for years. However, they first officially met in Texas in 2017 after Sean-Michael invited Natisha to celebrate his 25th birthday with him in Dallas. At  the time, Sean-Michael was living in Minnesota and Natisha was living in Texas. 

Once Sean-Michael left Texas, the two continued talking every day! They eventually planned their first date together in NYC, and decided to officially begin a long-distance relationship. The lovely couple became husband and wife earlier this year in a gorgeous, all-white wedding ceremony in Miami, Florida. Read more of their love story and get inspired by the beautiful details of their big day captured by PD Photography.

Bride: Natisha Joseph, 32, Environmental Engineer  

Groom: Sean-Michael Rodrigues, 29, Actuary  

Photography by: PD Photography – Phylicia  Duncombe 

Place of residence: District Heights, MD 

Wedding date: March 27, 2022

Wedding location: The Palms Hotel and Spa, Miami Beach, FL  

Wedding theme/motif/inspiration:  All-white  

Honeymoon destination:  Paris, France 

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Briefly tell us about your wedding experience and how the both of you felt on your big day. Include your most  memorable moment.  

Groom: I was very nervous the morning of the wedding. I  remember being dressed at the venue and finally taking a few  seconds to breathe and relax. Seeing my wife for the first time I was  just speechless; all I could do was smile. My most memorable moment was the surprise gift that Tish gave me during the ceremony. My father passed away a few years ago and Tish gifted me with a pin which had my father’s picture. She wanted my father with me on my wedding day. It was one of the most  thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me  

Bride:  I was very calm the day of the wedding and felt at peace. Most memorable moment was walking down the aisle and seeing the expression on his face. I am eternally grateful for Sarsha Lepeche. She did an excellent job with my makeup, and made sure my dress was on point throughout the entire wedding.

 Wedding song, explain choice for song:  

“Is This Love” by Bob Marley. We both grew up in the Caribbean  so we wanted a song that could express our Caribbean heritage.   

What are you most looking forward to as a married  couple?  

Continuing to learn about each other. Helping each other grow.  and achieve our dreams. Also, building a family together. 

Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day: 

Everything on your wedding day won’t be perfect and that’s  okay. Your wedding day flies by extremely fast, don’t waste a  single moment being stressed or down. Smile and enjoy every  single moment.

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