Black History Month Celebration: Black Love at Its Best… in Film History

Some of the best film features in Black cinematic history have been depicted through the lens of love. From Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones’ romance in 1974 classic Claudine to Nia Long and Larenz Tate soulful yet complicated situation-ship in Love Jones. Black actors, writers, and producers have contributed to the creation of heart wrenching love stories through the decades. And because art often imitates life, we’ve also seen these artists choose live out these love stories even when behind the scenes.

Lance + Bec Gross

Better known by their solo monikers, actor Lance Gross met his perfect match in Rebecca “Bec” (then) Jefferson. An actor and model we’ve all known and loved since he stepped on the scene in what started off as modeling jobs with Karl Kani and music videos for Mariah Carey and Rihanna before turning to acting with his breakout role in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Lance has spent a great deal of his life in front of a camera. Through his numerous roles, he’s successfully portrayed the nuances of Black men, which have garnered numerous awards including four NAACP Image Awards. The Howard University alum and member of Kappa Alpha Psi would later go onto meet his now wife Rebecca who is widely known to the world of fashion as simply Bec. 

Rebecca serves as fashion stylist to stars like actors Malika and Khadijah Haqq, influencer Makeup by Shayla and creator Catt Sadler. She has forged an amazing career for herself in fashion styling, having had her looks don numerous red carpet movie premieres, Vanity Fair Oscars party carpets, and street style moments. Bec continues to solidify her spot as one of fashion’s best talents. 

Together, the two have welcomed two children; a daughter named Berkley Brynn and a son named Lennon Lorin. And by just being themselves and showcasing their family life on social media, they continue to stand as a light of inspiration to young couples and families everywhere. 

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Juluis Tennon + Viola Davis

In their 2016 interview on the docuseries “Black Love” Viola and Julius’ speak about how they both had individually prayed to God to send them a person that would put HIM before all things, and in that request they received partnership, friendship, and love in each other. 

Actor Viola Davis was born and raised in Rhode Island, where she began her studies of theatre in high school, finally graduating from the world run own Juliard School of the Arts in New York City. Her first professional role was in the Broadway presentation of “Six Guitars” in 1996. Her success on the Broadway stage would lend to be awarded a Tony Award in 2001 for “Kings Headsley” and then again for Fences in 2010 

Within her journey for opportunity in the world of acting she also found her shot at love. Viola met producer, and soon to be producer Julius Tennon on set while filming the tv series “City of Angels” ‘ in 1999 in Los Angeles. After a Julius determined courtship despite Violas’ hesitance they became a couple, later marrying in 2003. 

The two powerhouses in tv and film who have a extensive list of accolades independently, have come together to build a greater love and legacy through the having God as the center and foundation of their union. would go on to have tremendous success on the big screen starring in blockbuster hits “Antowne Fisher” “The Help” “Suicide Squad” and most recently “Women King” showing a wide range of versatility in roles spanning form comedy, action, and drama. During this time Julius continued working behind the scenes using his brilliant mind to give us some of the most memorable moments in tv/film, including “Criminal Minds” “Friday Night Lights”, and “Fame”

What could be a recipe for ego and self righteousness has remained steadfast in love and commitment as the two have used the way God has loved us as the formula in which they love each other. Viola has lovingly mothered her step children from Julius previous marriage. They birthed their own production company “Ju Vee Productions” which they’ve dedicated to centering Black stories and creating quality films featuring people of Color in Hollywood. Which they’ve done with their midst recent success “The Women King”. To continue to bring love into their lives they made the conscious decision to adopt their daughter Genesis in 2011. Renewing their vows to forge forth together making new memories and committing to more sacrifice in 2016.

Viola and Julius are a stellar exemplar for what can be if faith is the rock of any and the true power of love when acted out in the image of God.

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Written by Writer, Kennedi LéShea and Fashion Editor Dara Adams

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