Bridal Beauty Prep: Flawless Hair, Skin & Makeup

By Lovisa Woodson

We know just how hard you work to plan the perfect wedding. With so many details it’s easy to forget things unless you have a perfect to-do list and extra sets of hands. Although we can’t be with you on your big day, we’re always here to help and when it comes to bridal beauty we’ve got you covered! Every bride deserves to look and feel beautiful and with these expert beauty tips, we know you’ll be fabulous.


Healthy, Glowing Skin 

Any skincare or makeup professional will assure you healthy skin is the key to getting that beautiful wedding day glow! Jae Barnes, Aesthetician & Skin Specialist of Silk Cocoon Beauty Bar in Philadelphia, PA shares her expertise about “the art” of achieving flawless skin. She has a passion for beauty and reminds us healthy “skin comes before putting on those fancy items” like makeup!

What I love most about Jae’s expert advice is she focuses on a healthy lifestyle, not just products or gadgets. She starts from within! At the top of her list is water. Water helps keeps your skin hydrated helping to avoid breakouts and minimize other skin problems. The benefits of drinking water aren’t a secret but many of us fall short of the recommended “6 to 8 glasses per day.” Jae also suggests eating “a green apple a day…lots of greens and berries” and of course “exercise [which helps increase] collagen in the body!

When it comes to breakouts which are common with the stress of wedding planning, there are some simple ways to avoid them. Jae suggests, “…never go to bed with your makeup on, know your skin type and moisturize your skin day and night.” This expert aesthetician also recommends facials which will “lift dead skin cells” and help maintain that healthy glow.

Jae has over 15 years of experience helping clients transform their skin and fall in love with what they see when they look in the mirror.

Fluttering Lashes 

Who doesn’t love beautiful fluttering lashes? They’re perfect for the bride who enjoys a custom service that’s suitable for her personal style, desired look, and lifestyle. Master Eyelash Extension Technician, Chelsea Heyward of Beaudee Lash Bar in Philadelphia, PA shares her expert advice for achieving the amazing lashes every woman wants. With lash extensions finding a reputable professional will ensure not just satisfaction, but safety. Chelsea recommends working with a certified and/or licensed eyelash technician. A professional will be able to answer questions, address concerns, and recommend a timeline for services which can vary widely from bride to bride.

Chelsea describes four common extension styles which include Natural (soft, natural look), Classic (natural, yet luxurious), Hybrid or Blend (glamorous and wispy), and Volume lashes (full, glamorous, diva look). Discussing options with your technician will help you decide which is best depending on your desired “daily look, [if lashes are] for a special occasion or to make [your] daily regimen easier in the morning.”

“It is never a bad idea to ask for a patch test prior to your service…to be sure you [are not allergic] to the [lash] adhesive. Chelsea also recommends you, “Come to your appointment with no eye makeup on. [A] Clean eye area is a must for a successful session. If you wear contacts, come with a way to remove them during service or perhaps bring glasses for the afternoon.” She also insists on not consuming any caffeine prior to your appointment to avoid excessive eyelid movement during application, making lashes difficult to apply. Also be sure to minimize your fluid intake to avoid interruptions that may prolong your appointment. To ensure the longevity of your lashes, Chelsea says, “…follow aftercare instructions given to you.”

With these wonderful tips, you’ll be sure to flutter on your wedding day and find the best service professional possible.


I could be a little bias but I believe makeup is one of the most important things in the world, at least for your wedding day. Everyone’s looking at your dress and of course your face, taking notice of how beautiful you are. So it’s important to not overlook these important tips from Yari Lamback, Bridal Makeup Artist & Owner of Y Chic Cosmetics in Lafayette Hill, PA.

After learning from aesthetician, Jae Barnes, I’m sure you won’t be surprised that Yari’s first tip is to “make sure to have a good regimen of skincare.” She tells brides to “book facial appointments at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding” in case there are any skin sensitivity concerns such as allergic reactions. Yari insists, “Healthy, glowing skin is a must for a beautiful bride.” Beautiful makeup will always begin with great skin!

Prior to your wedding day, Yari advises brides to begin their search for a makeup artist “6-12 months in advance. This way they have an opportunity to try a few MUAs and pick their favorite.” We love our options, right ladies? Next, “I suggest that they book a consultation appointment 3 months prior to the wedding to make any needed adjustments to the look created for them. This will ensure a seamless flow on the day of the wedding.” It’s also helpful to have an idea of what you’d like your makeup to look like. “Browsing a website such as Pinterest can give you great ideas if you are not sure,” suggests the Bridal MUA.

For added convenience, Yari recommends you “Make your bridal appointments with experts that will travel to you on your special day. It allows you to have a wonderful calming experience. Less stress will help the bride be her best.” Consulting with your artist ahead of time will help you become more comfortable and “trust your MUA [who is] knowledgeable about lighting and photography” making sure you are picture perfect!

Hairstyling Made Simple

Ok ladies! We all know our hair is a big deal and sometimes an ordeal! To help you have a smooth and enjoyable wedding day experience we spoke with Charmeka Augustine-Young, Celebrity Hairstylist & Transformation Specialist of Fused Hair & Extensions in Houston, TX. With Charmeka’s expert advice brides are sure to be prepared for the big day.

A great piece of advice Charmeka gives is for brides to “keep your day as simple as possible,” accepting help when available. She says, “Get help and input from your Maid of Honor. Let her help with your beauty routine plans.” We can’t stress enough how important it is for brides to worry as little as possible. Plan ahead! Charmeka recommends brides begin planning 3-6 month prior to their wedding depending on the size and demands of your bridal party.

Charmeka encourages brides to include their bridesmaids in their plans and suggests one of a bride’s biggest mistakes is forgetting her ladies. She wants brides to consider the needs of your bridal party, the hairstyles you like that will coordinate with your wedding theme and most importantly what styles are suitable for you and each attendant.

You also want to schedule a trial run, sometimes 2-3 for the perfect look, the Celebrity Hairstylist insists. A consultation with your stylist will help you, “Consider timing and texture, your budgets…and plan hairstyling for bridesmaids ahead of time.” Other things to consider when planning this important part of your bridal beauty routine is, “…whether you will need additional styling with possible wardrobe changes, and if anyone will need extensions.” She suggests some extensions be installed 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding in order to encourage more natural movement and comfort.

Whatever look or looks you decide for your special day, we want you to have a pleasant and memorable experience with you and your bridal party. While planning can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be if you plan ahead, have help and support from your favorite ladies and choose professionals who will keep you smiling, satisfied and looking flawless on your wedding!

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