Style Matters: 10 Fashion Tips For Grooms

The big day is approaching and you are preparing to see your bride walk down the aisle.  There’s so much buzz around what she will wear and you are doing everything you can to make the day extra special for her, but don’t forget about yourself!  The opportunity for the groom to have a magical experience on their wedding day is equally important. Men should look forward to having their wedding needs met, be able to showcase their own style, and have others take notice. For many grooms though they have no idea where to start. 

Here are some fashion tips for grooms from designer and style creator, Christopher Holmes of D’Cree by Christopher Day, that will help you make a stylish statement on your special day.  

1. Don’t try to be trendy; your clothing choices should be a reflection of who you are.

2. Let your style speak loudly as an outward expression of your personality.

3. This is a special day, so wear something that is not in your usual repertoire.

4. Spending a little money on a suit that has a custom fit is a great investment.

5. Get your measurements taken so that your shirt neck size and sleeve length are a perfect fit.

6. This is the time to wear a nice patent leather oxford, wingtip, or loafer shoe.

7. Make sure you’re comfortable because it will be a long day.

8. Invest in a nice (not expensive) watch for yourself; it helps to elevate the look.

9. Make sure your look reflects the time of day, season, and location of the event.

10. It’s your day too, so take the time to look equally as put together for your bride.

D’Cree by Christopher Day offers styling services and custom gentlemen’s neckwear and accessories for the groom who values classic, vintage, and old-world style with a modern twist. For more tips and information, visit D’Cree by Christopher Day

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