5 Reasons You Should Follow New York Bridal Fashion Week

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As the excitement of engagement season dies down and wedding season begins, many soon-to-be Bride’s are beginning to feel the anticipation of trying on wedding gowns, hoping to find the dress of her dreams. But who really knows what’s waiting behind those bridal boutique doors? 

The reality is that most Brides have never chosen a wedding gown so they come with little to no idea of what they want or how to best prepare for the experience. Maybe this explains why some Brides find wedding dress shopping to be very overwhelming, very quickly.

But what if this unexpected revelation could be avoided? What if there was a way to become familiar with wedding gowns before stepping foot into a bridal salon?

The great news is New York Bridal Fashion Week is the perfect place to start prepping for your first bridal shopping experience.

But First…What is New York Bridal Fashion Week?

New York Bridal Fashion Week (NYBFW)  is where bridal designers convene to reveal their latest collections to the press, media, and buyers before releasing them to the general public. The week is filled with runway shows, presentations, and appointments to showcase designs for the upcoming season. 

Although NYBFW has traditionally been reserved for bridal industry players, due to COVID many designers have begun showcasing digitally. Thanks to virtual presentations Brides can have almost immediate access to the new collections as they’re released on platforms like fashion 360. 

We also recommend tuning into your favorite bridal media outlets. As they’ll be sharing sneak peeks on social media and releasing articles on their top picks as the week progresses. 

Now that you know where you can find all NYBFW has to offer, here are 5 things you should pay attention to while taking in the fashion. 

  • Discover What You Like….or Don’t

When browsing through the collections, take notice of the details you find yourself strongly attracted to. What is it about this type of dress that repeatedly grasps your attention or repulses you completely? It can be a dress shape, fabric, or aesthetic. Having this information will give you a strong starting point when trying on gowns and be extremely helpful to the consultant in choosing styles for you during a bridal appointment.

  • Track the Trends

Every fashion week there are certain styles or details that we see featured by multiple designers. These trends are a forecast for what will be considered en vogue or in style for the season to come. Although it’s best to not solely pick a wedding gown based on popular trends, it’s always good to note what new and fresh ideas are coming that may inspire your very own look

  • Meet the Designers 

Once you’ve developed an idea of the type of details you’d like to see on your wedding gown, the best thing to do is take note of the designers who design gowns that fit that description.  Although there are a plethora of bridal designers showcasing during NYBFW, every designer may not be the best fit for every bride. Once you become familiar with what designers you’re drawn to you can specifically shop at boutiques where their gowns are sold.

  • Start your Shopping List 

Now that you’ve narrowed down what designers you like you can create a list of the names of specific styles in their collection that you would like to try on during your shopping process. Before attending you first appointment don’t forget to double-check with the boutique to make sure they have that sample currently available in store.. 

  • Enjoy the Show 

Aside from the business of bridal market, NYBFW highlights the unique and creative perspectives of its designers through fashion. These shows are a treat to witness fromthe craftsmanship of the gowns, to the execution of themes and concepts. If for nothing else, the shows can be enjoyed solely for the beauty of the presentation, filled with endless inspiration for your wedding day to come

New York Bridal Fashion Week officially kicks off Tuesday, April 5th. Be sure to follow us on instagram at @blackbride1998 for behind-the-scenes access during our designer visits this week.

Written by Fashion Editor Dara Adams. Founder and Lead Stylist of VEIL, a leading creative bridal agency.

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