Everlasting Love: A Vow Renewal in Nashville, TN

In 1993, on the campus of University of Alabama at Birmingham is where Deniece and Trenton’s love story began. The two were neighbors in their co-dorm apartments. When Trenton saw Deniece he told his roommate that she would be his wife one day. Twenty nine years later, they renewed their vows in celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary!

Wife: Deniece Thomas, 48, Deputy Commissioner

Husband: Trenton Thomas, Sr, 47, Retired Military

Place of residence: Mount Juliet, TN

Wedding date: January 15, 2022

Honeymoon Destination: St. John/St. Thomas (Summer 2022)


How did you know your partner was the one? 

When I first saw Deniece I knew she was the one. She was beautiful and smart with a big heart.

Trenton was kind, caring and very attentive. We would spend all night talking and for me good conversation is a must! A man that listens with his heart is a keeper!We were both people of faith and that makes for a good foundation. 

What makes your love special?

We are best friends and we can share anything with one another. That is so important for a strong and healthy marriage. Trenton went through a major health crisis in 2006 and after that experience we grew closer understanding that life is precious and we should make the most out of every day we get to spend together.

Tell us about your partner (tell us what you find special about your partner and why)

Trenton: Deniece finds a way to care for everyone and asks very little in return

Deniece: Trenton is a very calm and comforting voice. When things around me are hectic he is that settled, strong and steady voice.

Engagement story (please tell us the story of your engagement proposal):

Trenton proposed while on weekend leave from the Army. His entire family was in on the plan. They called a “family” meeting while everyone assembled in another room. Not being a member of the family yet I sat alone until being called in by my future Mother-in-law. I entered the room with Trenton holding a big bouquet of roses and on bended knee. Lots of tears to say the least.

From the Wife: (briefly tell us about your wedding experience and how you felt on your big day, How did you feel before you walked down the aisle and how you felt after you said “ I do”)

Although the whole experience felt almost overwhelming due to planning during a pandemic,  I was so excited to see look into Trenton’s eyes and say I do again! It was amazing to see our family and friends gather to celebrate our love. I felt pure joy after the vows and was ready to dance the night away!

From the Husband: (briefly tell us about your wedding experience and how you felt on your big day, How did you feel before you walked down the aisle and how you felt after you said “ I do)

I kept thinking that I get to marry the woman I love all over again. Our first wedding was very small and I wanted her to have her dream event. I was excited to see the look on her face. 

Wedding Details : 

Wedding location and why you chose this particular place:

Union Station Hotel; the hotel is historic and so full of architectural character.

Wedding song, explain choice for song: “Forever” by Jason Nelson. It characterizes the love God has for us and the love we share together as a couple.

Favorite wedding detail (favors, cake, food, band, etc.): We loved it all but the band was amazing!!!

Were there any cultural or spiritual elements that you added to make your wedding unique? Yes

Favorite wedding moment:

We had communion together along with our children to symbolize our faith and our commitment to each other. 

Your best/most memorable moment as a married couple so far : Our growth as individuals and as a couple. To think we met in college and now our son is now a college graduate. It seems things came full circle.


What’s the best part about being a married couple?

Knowing that you can be with someone who holds you down without holding you back. We are safe with each other no matter the situation. Whether it is tears or laughter it is always authentic.

What’s the best advice you received about marriage that you actually use? Our Grandmothers would often tell us early in our marriage to “keep your business your business”. Don’t disparage your partner to family or anyone else because you will make up but they will be messed up.

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them many more years of wedded bliss!

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