Modest Is Still Hottest: How Influencer & Pastor Brelyn Bowman Found the Wedding Dress of Her Dreams While Not Compromising Her Values

Image by Troy Woods/Clark Bailey Media.

In the ever-changing world of bridal fashion, there are many brides represented through the different genres of style. From the classic bride to the modern or more edgy; but even with the always changing landscape of trends, one wife-to-be has always remained; the modest bride.

We caught up with pastor and influencer, Brelyn Bowman who married husband, Gospel singer Tim Bowman on October 10th, 2015, and she shared with us her take and tips on brides with a modest/conservative style perspective looking to still be stylish and fashion-forward for their wedding days. Check out what she had to say below!

As a modest bride, how did you go about navigating the dress shopping process? What was it like?

“The process was so much fun!” Brelyn answers. “I’ve always dreamt of getting the perfect wedding dress and now it was time. I started searching Pinterest to see the different styles I loved and when I got engaged, I knew I’d call Diandré Tristan to make this process perfect. Him and his team managed all of my appointments and fittings. It was a dream come true.”

Image by Troy Woods/Clark Bailey Media.

So often, modesty in fashion gets a bad rep for being “boring”. Why is it important to you to represent the Modest-Forward Bride and what did it mean to watch people resonate with your dress?

“I’ve never been a trendy person. If I loved something I would wear it and because of that, when it came to my dress I wanted to make sure the elegance of my dress lasted forever. So in 20/30 years, I could be happy even after the trends were over. It felt encouraging to know that people fell in love with my dress because I went with something that represented me and whenever people love your style, it’s a tremendous compliment!”

Image by Troy Woods/Clark Bailey Media.

How did you find the balance between being fashion-forward and on trend while not compromising your personal values?

“I think being myself.” Brelyn answered. “I never thought so much about the trends but really what I wanted so I didn’t have to compromise because I was confident in my choice. Regardless of what others said. I think everyone can be fashion forward if you know how to rock what you’re wearing with confidence.”

Image by Troy Woods/Clark Bailey Media.

Who was your dress designer and what you made you choose them?

“Vera Wang! I chose Vera because of the simplicity yet bold statements of her gowns. Although my dress was modest, the details on the dress is what stood out to me. It was like my personality. Quiet, but when I speak, I’m bold!”

Image by Troy Woods/Clark Bailey Media.

What are some tips you’d give a fellow bride-to-be looking to find the perfect modest and conservative yet fashion-forward and chic gown?

Brelyn answered, “I would say look at time periods you love and see what stands out to you. Everyone’s ‘modesty’ is different so go with what you feel is you.”.

Whether for religious reasons or simply personal desire, many brides are still opting to remain conservative in their fashion choices for their special day. But let’s set the record straight. Modest does not mean having to look matronly. There are a plethora of bridal designs that withhold a sense of discretion without sacrificing style.

Here are 3 tips to help you stay true to your values without compromising style for your special day.

1. Establish Your Rules

Identify your values and stick to them. Whether they include not wanting to show a certain amount of skin or sticking to a more demure silhouette that isn’t as revealing of your body; by identifying your boundaries, you provide a more clear path in finding the dress of your dreams.

2. Don’t Lose Your Wonder

Who said modest or conservative has to be boring? Don’t think that just because you have rules to your bridal fashion that you have to up and leave anything fashion focused behind. Through great styling by thoughtful accessorizing and a great gown pick, both can work together to create a great bridal fashion moment!

3. Find Designers That Fit Your Needs

When looking for your wedding dress, it’s important to cut the small talk and get to work—time is of the essence during this time after all! Don’t make the mistake of looking to designers and brands that create dresses that solely cater to bridal aesthetics outside of your’s. Invest your time in looking to brands that create conservative, modest and timeless designs that meet your stylistic needs. Fashion stylist Diandré Tristan recommends Ese Azénabor, Vera Wang and Pantora Bridal as his “top 3” picks for designers and brands that cater to the modest bride.

Image by Troy Woods/Clark Bailey Media.

Written by Fashion Writer, Kennedi LéShea.

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