5 Stylish Accessory Ideas for the Summer Bride

IMAGE: Joshua Kissi

Although we’re seeing an influx of weddings happening all year round, summer continues to reign as the peak season for wedding events. With a greater chance of beautiful weather ideal for outdoor celebrations, scenic surroundings, and comfortable conditions for guests, hosting a summer wedding definitely has its perks.

Summer Brides also have the option of wearing more light and airy dress options that are suitable for the warm weather and leaving even more possibility to add the right accessories to amplify the overall presence of the look. With summer being synonymous with fun, why not incorporate accessorries that are a bit playful and highlight your style and personality?

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Not only can sunglasses instantly add a sense of cool to any look, but they also protect the eyes from the summer sun. If you plan on having any part of your wedding day outside, wearing sunglasses is an easy way to increase the summer feels while helping to combat any extreme brightness throughout your wedding day.

IMAGE: Brooke Taelor


A wide brim hat screams summer as it’s a staple in any well-done resort wardrobe. Such hats can be made of straw, chiffon, or felted wool. A bridal look paired with a hat also prevents protection from the sun but most importantly exudes style and sophistication.

IMAGE: 5th and Welshire


Whether worn in the hair or held as a bouquet, with the most options for blooms being available in the summer season they’re an easy way to accessorize a summer wedding look. Blooms can also add a splash of color to the look or a feel of effortlessness and ease as these are commonly associated with the summer months as well. However, talk to your florist about the best way to prevent wilting in the heat so that your fresh florals remain in tact.



Veils are often used for their dramatic flair if designed with intricate embellishments and extended length but choosing a “barely there” veil can add a more delicate effect. The sheer overlay is perfect for an airy vibe, adding a softness to the overall look. The lightness of the fabric also makes it low hassle and easy to wear. Just be sure to secure the veil as it can be easily moved by a summer breeze.

IMAGE: Michelle Scott


A beautiful alternative to diamond or crystal jewelry, pearl accessories usually pair well with summer bridal looks due to their subtle yet unique appearance. They can make a statement without seeming overly formal. Varying in color, shape, and size, a pearl accent can complement the different motifs and fabric textures that are more commonly seen with summer wedding attire.

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Written by Dara Adams, Fashion Editor and Creative Director of VEIL Bridal Styling Agency.

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