A Modern, Romantic Wedding in Houston, TX

For Sheena and Carlos, love found them when they least expected it. The two met in New Orleans while they were both on a trip with friends. Ever since that day, the couple has been inseparable for the past five years. Fall in love with their love story and the details of their magical, black and white wedding ceremony captured by Bridal Suite member Second Shots Photography, and previously featured in the summer 2021 issue of Black Bride magazine.

Bride: Sheena Gandy, 34, Transplant Coordinator

Groom: Carlos Naylor, 31, Owner of The Flex Gym

Photography by: Second Shots Photography 

Place of Residence: Houston, TX

Wedding Date: October 17, 2020

Wedding Location: Chateau Polonez, Houston, TX


Engagement Story: I planned a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom, and the entire time Carlos and my mom were planning our engagement! The night of the party, after he proposed, she hugged me and said,“You surprised me, and I surprised you.” One of the best nights of my life. 

From the Bride: I think I was the calmest any bride has ever been, mostly because I knew I was making the right decision. I was enjoying the moment. The wedding itself was beautiful, and everything turned out better than expected. 

From the Groom: I was very hands-on during the planning process and had to monitor my wife’s spending, but everything came out beautiful just as I expected!  I woke up knowing I was going to spend the rest of my life with the woman of my dreams.

Your Best/Most Memorable Moment: One was the look on Carlos’ face when he saw me enter the room. It made my heart smile and was confirmation that I was marrying my soulmate. The second was the father/daughter dance. My father passed away two months after our wedding, so being able to share one of the most precious days of my life with him was a blessing. 

Wedding song, explain choice for song: “Best of Me” by TSoul. We connected with this song the very first time we heard it! 


What are you most looking forward to as a married couple? We’re praying that our foundation remains solid and for continued growth. We are looking forward to expanding our family and spending the rest of our lives together.

Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day: Be intentional while planning, and enjoy the moment. 

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them many years of wedded bliss.

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