5 ways to stand out at your bridal shower

Your bridal shower is all about you and it's important that you stand out! So in order to help you master the perfect look here a few tips to help you stand out at your bridal shower!

1. Pop of Color

Have all your guest wear white and you wear a color of your choice. Clearly being the only pop of color will have you standing out in no time . This can also be done by requiring your guest to wear a specific color and you wear white. Its all up to you but being the only person in a specific color is an awesome and easy way to shine bright as the bride-to-be should!
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2. Be a Rebel

Go completely opposite of the theme of the shower. If your having a casual shower come  glam. Why not? Being a bride is the only time where being dressed incorrectly for the event makes you stand out in a fab way.


Although I suggest  stepping out of your comfort zone fashion wise do not go so completely opposite of who you are that you can't enjoy the event. If you do not walk well in heels bling out a pair of converse or wear a cow boy boot. Do NOT be tied to tradition or what "they" say is right. Being confident in your apparel choices is the best way to stand out!

4. Know your shape

Picking the appropriate clothing for your body type is going to make the list everytime. Making sure you pick a flattering silhouette will always make you glow with minimal effort. Choose something  that highlights the "gems" of your shapes and hides the "rocks".



5. Step out of your fashion box

If your family and friends are use to seeing you with no make-up , jeans and a tee go for a fitted dress and heels. Have a glam team do your make up and hair and be girly for the day. It may not be totally comfortable at first but you will shock the crowd and look gorg while doing it.

Have you considered these 5 things while choosing your bridal shower attire? If you picked your attire did this change your mind? Are you a more traditional bride and plan to wear all white?

Let us know in the comments below. 


Curated by our Fashion Blogger, Abbria McWhite who happens to be a Bridal Stylist. Abbria is the owner and  founder of  The Wedding Stylist. Keep up with Abbria on Instagram here: The Wedding Stylist


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