Five Must Have Items You’ll Need On Your Big Day

The day you’ve been dreaming of has finally arrived and it is the biggest celebration of your union that will commemorate the strongest union known to mankind, love.  To make sure the event runs as smoothly as you would hope- especially if there is no wedding planner present, here are a few items you’ll need to conquer any wedding day mishaps.

For your stains and spills: 

You’re going to need your go-to stain kit. Your dress should be put on with white gloves to avoid running the delicate and precious fabric. However, but what happens the makeup wipes on your dress, make sure you have a stain cure. For this reason only, use an oxyclean formula. It’s the safes for any fabric. For the pros, get your hands on a Madame Paulette Stain Kit. It’s the latest and easier way to take out any stain on your dress. 

Extra Pin and Needle: 

Just in case you have a tear in your dress, it is crucial, someone has a pin and needle set. Accidents happen when you are caught up in the moment. A complete set of thread and a few needles can really solve any alteration hiccups that may occur during your celebration. The Etsy Studio luxury travel sewing kit is also a great gift for your bridal party that they can use time and time again.  

High Heel Gel Pads:

On your wedding day, you will truly be the center of attention. There’s no time for sitting down, although it’s good to have a moment with your hubby, it’s crucial to have a set a of gel foot pads  to add to your heels.  Not only do they provide cushioning and absorb shock, they also stop feet from sliding, which will allow you to dance the night away. 

Breath Freshener: 

On your wedding day, you’ll need to greet all of your guests that came out to celebrate with you on your special day. It’s really a bride and groom’s main duty. Mints or a cool sleek breath spray will your breath smelling minty fresh for hours. 

Misting Spray 

A bride is often overwhelmed on her wedding day. It’s okay to take a small break to gather your thoughts and emotions. We’d like to introduce you to your own personal mini paradise: Calming Mist Spray, which provides an instant calming and soothing sensation for your mind and soul.

Let us know what’s in your wedding day emergency kit in the comments below!

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