How to Choose the Perfect Color Dresses For Your Bridesmaids

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting your bridesmaid dresses and choosing the right colors is one of the biggest decisions. Everyone is different and it’s true that some colors may not suit one of your girls as well as the other. Here are some tips to guide your choices from CEO and Founder of Vow To Be Chic, Kelsey Doorey. 

Flatter Your Bridesmaids:

Choose a color that is universally flattering and goes with a variety of skin tones such as charcoal, beige, champagne, and blush. These neutral colors are a safe way to suit everyone and are perfectly on trend.

Play Up Their Skin Tones:  

Warm colors like red and gold compliment darker skin tones whereas cooler tones like sage, indigo, and deep purple are great for a fair complexion.

Mix Colors: 

If you’re going to have your maids all wear different colors choose a general color like blue and let your maids choose their favorite shades for a trendy mix & match look which makes for great photos! 

Try Embellished Gowns:

Embellished dresses; floral dresses are in right now, but sometimes less is more. Consider dressing only your maid of honor in a floral print and the rest of your girls in a matching solid shade. Sequin gowns are also great, mixing a rose gold sequin gown like the Theia with a solid blush is a perfect way to add a little sparkle to your wedding.

Vow to be Chic is a bridesmaid dress rental services that has made dressing your BFF’s  for your wedding day super simple. They offer a huge variety of gowns in silhouettes and shades that can match any style.  With designer gowns starting at just $50 from labels like Theia, Donna Morgan and Paper Crown, your girls will thank you for making their lives easier.


Vow to be Chic

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