The Nubian Skin Lingerie Collection

Lingerie and hosiery are a standard for every woman's collection of undergarments. For most women, our go to color for undergarments is black but when discussing other options I have found that many women of color would love to incorporate more nude or flesh-tone colors into their collection. Unfortunately, finding flesh-toned lingerie for women of color can be a very difficult task.

Drawing inspiration from fashion moguls such as Eunice W. Johnson and super model Iman, Hassan established Nubian Skin in October 2014. The Nubian Skin lingerie line is dedicated to women of color, specializing in various nude shades that are usually more difficult to find in the average retail store. Since its debut, Nubian Skin has become a major success for Ade Hassan. Ladies who have been able to indulge in the lingerie line have been introduced to a gorgeous collection of bras, ranging from a 30A to a 40DD, beautifully designed panties and of course, the skin-tone hosiery that was nonexistent until now.

Even though the inspiration behind the lingerie collection came from the lack of flesh-toned lingerie for black women, Ade Hassan's Nubian Skin can be worn by all ethnicities. When asked by the LA Times if the lingerie collection was suitable for all ethnicities? Hassan responded by saying "Absolutely!" She added that the company receives orders from women with Latin American and Asian backgrounds.

Photo Credit: Photography for Nubian Skin by Julia Underwood Photography

Nubian Skin is currently available throughout the United States, online and in stores such as Nordstrom and select boutiques.

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