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Alicia and Marcus met in September 2009 through Marcus's cousin, while Alicia was attending Auburn University. "From the very first time we spoke on the phone, I knew Marcus was the one for me. We talked into the early morning hours, and several times for days to follow," said Alicia.  Immediately following their first date, Marcus was deployed with the US Navy. "Being unable to speak to Alicia for months on end, definitely made my interest in her grow into much more than I ever expected. Alicia was everything in a woman I never knew I wanted, but so blessed that I found," said Marcus. When Marcus returned home from deployment in Summer 2010, Alicia visited him in Florida and the two made their relationship official on July 6th, and have been together ever since. Check out their outdoor engagement session, captured by The Price Approach Photography.

Bride: Alicia Yovonne Flowers, 32, Advanced Technical Support Associate

Groom: Marcus LaQuinn Wade, 36, Information Systems Technician 

Place of residence: Marysville, WA

Engagement Shoot Location: Montgomery, AL

Wedding date: 3/19/16 

Wedding location: Columbus, GA

Wedding theme: Black, White, and Gold/ Accented with Shades of Peach

Engagement story:

It was New Years Day 2015, and Alicia was busy finishing up some house cleaning. I told her that we should get out of the house for what she thought was an impromptu date night. Little did she know, I had been planning to propose for weeks but was simply waiting for the right time. I knew that Alicia had been wanting to visit one of the botanical gardens in the area, so I purchased tickets for the Garden d’Lights at Bellevue Botanical Garden (just picture half a million Christmas lights and flowers everywhere). I knew she would love it. I remember it was freezing cold that night and it was so many people at the Gardens. I planned to propose there, but decided at the last minute, to propose at dinner. We ended the night with dinner at Claim Jumper. The restaurant only had one table left, and it was directly in front of the fire place…Perfect. God was working everything out in my favor! So, I told Alicia what she meant to me and popped the question. Alicia was shocked and for the first time ever, she was speechless!

What makes your love special?

Marcus and I are total opposites in almost every way allowing us to pick up where the other may fall short. I’m very organized and he’s a spontaneous type of man. He’s taught me to sometimes let loose and just live life! Everything can’t always be planned (which has helped me so much when our wedding had to be canceled). What can I say, he’s the peanut butter to my jelly.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

We are both looking forward to having our closest friends and family join together as we become man and wife. Our upbringing has shaped us into the people we are today; thus, making family very important to us.

Have you started planning your wedding?

Two words: Organized Chaos! With Marcus and I being all the way in Washington state, it has definitely been a roller coaster ride! We initially planned our wedding on the military base in Fort Benning, GA. However, unexpected renovations on base caused us to have to find another venue in the eleventh hour! We’re currently waiting to hear from other venues in the Columbus, GA area. So, to all the Black Bride readers, send some prayers up for us that one comes through! As I think back to the many nights of emails, phone calls, and tears, I smile at knowing Marcus and I are exactly where God wants us to be. It will all work out in the end!

Congratulations to the happy couple Alicia and Marcus. We wish you a wonderful wedding and marriage. 


Wedding Decorator: Nazareth Thornton of Pizzazz By Nazz 

Photographer: The Price Approach Photography


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