A GOOD Coffee Break! –

Every morning when the sun rises and Americans are faced with a new day to tackle their to-do lists, some start the day with meditation, others look forward to a workout, many need their dose of news, and most swear they cannot function until they get some coffee pumping through their blood. Whether they take it in the morning or wait until they start to slip in the afternoon, 83 percent of Americans are drinking coffee at some point during their day. Since everyone is indulging in one fashion or another, might as well sip on the healthiest coffee around.

Going out to get some air in the middle of your work day? Chances are you will pass a coffee shop on every corner. Gourmet coffee beverages are popping up everywhere you go; fast food establishments, in the grocery store, and with the popularity of single-serve pod coffee makers people are now developing specific tastes in the home and at work. Those looking for a caffeine fix can drink traditional coffee, iced coffee, coffee ice cream, coffee gum, coffee liquor, and other varieties of coffee flavored products.

There are a good number of products consumers can purchase that offer additional health benefits. For example, you can now buy bottled water with added fluoride, cereals with additional iron, and juices with extra calcium. Now, there is a company offering coffee lovers a product with an added unique health benefit. Organo Gold is a coffee and tea distributor focused on the health of their consumers. The Organo Gold products are like no other on the market. These specially crafted coffees, hot chocolates, and teas have the hidden benefits of ganoderma, a hard mushroom commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The ganoderma mushroom has been linked to improving immune systems, relieving urinary tract symptoms, and increased antioxidant benefits. Some have even said it helps relieve their menstrual cramps, headaches, and increases their sex drive (that’s one good cup of coffee!).

Coffee studies go back and forth informing consumers whether or not the popular drink is good or bad for your health. Regardless of what the reports say, if you’re going to drink coffee anyway, you might as well try and get the added benefits of the ganoderma mushroom. Don’t drink coffee (me either)? The green tea has the same added ingredient, everyone wins!

Are you a coffee drinker?

Where do you get your caffeine fix?

Have you tried other products with added vitamins and minerals?

Looking for something new? Organo Gold has several products for consumers looking for Ganoderma.

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