We Asked Couples What Does Black Love Mean to Them And These Were Their Responses

In the gaze of popular culture, the confines of Love as we see it in mass media often depict an unrealistic and unrelatable standard that many of us can’t identify with; particularly Black People. 

Historically speaking, many have tried to divide and conquer when it comes to both the representation and existence of Black Love. From laws created and enforced to hinder our Love being legally recognized to intentional lack of representation of Black Love in media and pop culture, the imagery of our relationships deserves proper recognition.

And today, we wanted to honor the very meaning of Black Love by asking 5 couples what it means to them and their relationships to inspire and uplift us all.

To Mary & Scott Chatman…

“We define Black Love within our relationship as a deep spiritual connection. It’s listening, uplifting, and supporting each other while maintaining an unabashed pride that’s historically connected to the Black Love experience. Loving who you are individually because self- love comes first. Black Love is strong, difficult, sometimes painful yet formidable, and affectionate.

Celebrating the culture and embracing the legacy of Black Love is instrumental in dispelling myths and negative stereotypes that often surround it. By boldly showcasing the legends who have broken barriers and stigmas related to Black Love, and Black Love as it is today, we are not only honoring their contributions but also inspiring future generations of Black couples.

Our commitment to making our love work and advocating for Black Love is important to us. Through our celebration of the culture and the values it represents, we continue to shape the legacy of Black Love and inspire others to do the same.”

Mary & Scott serve as the fearless and fierce leaders of Black Bride Magazine with Mary being the Editor-in-Chief and Scott serving as CFO. Together, they have created substantial impact in Black History and continue to do so with their commitment to amplifying the importance, rich history and sacredness of Black Love. Scott and Mary have been married for 29 years.

Image by Joi Pearson Photo.

To Taylor Moorer & Alexander Dorsey…

“Black love encompasses romantic partnerships, familial bonds, friendships, and a collective commitment to uplifting and empowering each other. By nurturing and celebrating Black Love, we affirm the inherent value and dignity of Black lives, creating spaces of healing, growth, and empowerment for generations to come.”

Taylor and Alexander are both second-year law students at George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. Taylor currently serves as a Student Attorney for the Vaccine Injury Litigation Clinic and as a Public Health Law Fellow at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ChangeLab Solutions (CLS). Alexander serves as a Judicial Intern within the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, is a member of the Federal Communications Law Journal (FCLJ) and contributes as a writer to the Entertainment and Sports Law Association.

Image by Taylor Moorer.

To Cheryl Des Vignes & Jerrold Smith…

“Our definition of Black Love is unique to us because that’s what our love is. Us both being Black is like the cherry on top. And it’s extremely comforting [to know] that we share a connection to the Black Experience in navigating everything that comes with it. We’re able to lean on each other for life-long love and support but also to overcome the everyday challenges life throws at us together as a Black couple and separately as a Black man and woman.”

High school sweethearts Cheryl & Jerrold are former stars of hit HBO show Sweet Life: LA created by Issa Rae. Individually, Cheryl is an entrepreneur and fashion designer of her own namesake brand Des Vignes and Jerrold is an entrepreneur and one of the co-hosts of the Life Got Hands podcast.

Image by Amalfi Coast Photographer.

To Warren & Roicia Stewart…

“Black Love is the most powerful expression of who we truly are as royal people—It is more than a hashtag, it is holy and healing. It is transformative more than trending. It is the quintessential force that created all life on this planet. Black Love protects Black women… Black Love honors Black men… Black love cultivates our families… Black love is the past, present, and future. We must honor our love because God IS LOVE.” — Warren.

“Black Love is revolutionary and transformative. It has the power to heal our pasts, our traumas and seeks to remind us of the gentle-regalness we carry. Black love seems to remind us of our royalty, stemming from our fingertips to our wombs. Black Love ignites our God-given powers within us to be a pure conduit of LOVE, as Christ loves us. Black love has the power to uplift, create, teach, guide, and restore hope in all of us & our communities.” — Roicia

Roicia is the founder of Social Roots LLC, a social work consulting business dedicated to supporting African American and Indigenous communities through a broad spectrum of services designed to tackle trauma and foster overall well-being. Warren is a Pastor, Activist, Artist, and Entrepreneur with his work spanning across music, theology, and social justice, reflecting his eclectic nature as an esoteric biblical mystic and a master theologian. He is also the founder of Warren Hampton, a Black-owned luxury lifestyle brand.

Image by Dorrell Edward.

To Fred & Margo Hurst…

“It’s about still loving someone even though sometimes they make you absolutely insane. Loving someone isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s hard. But it is amazing and comforting and one of the best things you will ever experience.” — Margo Hurst.

Fred and Margo were married for 34 years up until Margo’s passing in November 2022. Together, they shared a lifetime of love, lessons and legacy that continues in the beauty of their son, Dominique, his wife Rebecca and their daughter, Ella Margo.

Image by Margo Hurst.

Written by Writer, Kennedi LéShea.

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