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Every night brides all over the world go to bed tossing and turning with thoughts of seating charts, linens, and RSVPs stomping through their dreams. When the sun rises and they emerge to face the day, that bride-to-be may not only be exhausted, she may very well have to deal with a new stressor; breakouts. Planning a wedding can cause stress, and it’s no secret that stress can cause serious breakouts, even for the woman who left acne behind with high school. For many women, a simple trip to the spa for a facial is the answer, but those chemical peels and harsh scrubs don’t have to be the only solutions.

Today, more and more Americans are experimenting with gluten-free diets and seeking organic products. Organic and natural products extend far beyond the produce aisles and into the beauty department. Alongside the soaps, shampoos, lotions and toothpastes free of chemicals and ingredients most people cannot pronounce, one will find great facial products that naturally eliminate breakouts and help prevent future blemishes. The Bentonite and Apple Cider Vinegar Detoxifying Face Mask is one of the best facial treatments that anyone, male or female, bride or not, can incorporate into their weekly facial routines. This clay mask serves as a deep pore cleanser that draws all the dirt, toxins, and residue left by other products to the surface. Once the mask has been applied, it will begin to work immediately. The user will feel their skin tighten and it will become increasingly difficult to talk, which is actually a great side effect for brides who don’t often find the time to just sit and be still. Considering the mask needs to stay on until it is fully dry, which can take up to thirty minutes, it is a great opportunity to relax and breathe and allow the body to de-stress as much as possible (easier said than done).

The clay can be found at most health food stores and the natural apple cider vinegar can be found in chain grocery stores, no one should have to search far and wide for these ingredients. Regular trips to the spa for facial treatments can get costly, especially during a time when the word “budget” is the topic everyone tries to tip-toe around. Although differences can be seen after one application, those who swear by this treatment use it two to three times a week, that’s like three trips to the spa for the price of a manicure…score!

Apple cider vinegar has a list of benefits on its own; mouthwash, hair rinse, sunburn remedy, and even deodorant. It is also known to work as a great skin toner, reducing inflammation and preventing breakouts and minimizing blemishes. Individuals struggling with psoriasis have made apple cider vinegar a permanent product in their bathrooms.

Lareece Long, owner of Life Within, who specializes in colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage, has been using and recommending this clay mask for more than fifteen years. “The bentonite clay is mixed volcanic ash, and when you combine that with a healing properties of apple cider vinegar, it quickly transforms into the best toxin absorber,” says Long. “Our bodies are full of toxins, from the water we drink to the air we breathe, we can’t really avoid them. However, we can make it a point to draw them out as much as possible. This clay mask does wonders for the skin on our face, but it is eliminating all toxins, which could also be preventing dis-ease in our bodies.”

There are countless wedding shows that air on television that help brides find their dress, attire for their bridal party, and even cakes. The commercials speak volumes to brides, everything from feminine protection to teeth whitening toothpastes to prescription acne products. With so many different skin types, stressors, and forms of acne, it’s hard to point to one product as the answer for all, but it can certainly be a starting point for everyone. Why apply all the chemicals first, when there is a natural product that may very well be the answer. In conjunction with this mask, drink lots of water and remember to BREATHE. 

Are you already incorporating natural and holistic practices into your everyday life? Have you noticed differences in your skin and hair? Is there a product you swear by, share!

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