Financial Goal Setting for 2014 –

Time to party like it is 1999!! What goals did you have for yourself and your marriage in 2013? What did you achieve? Where did you fall short? 2014 is just around the corner and you have a NEW opportunity to establish new financial goals. What happens if you achieve your goals? Is it the wedding of your dreams, paying off credit cards, dream vacations and even purchasing that first home!!


With the end in mind, let's talk how to set financial goals!!!

First – Is the goal realistic? Oftentimes when we are setting goals we set ourselves up to fail. That doesn’t benefit anyone so establish realistic goals based on sound information you have about your individual finances and what you want for your marriage.

Second – Make sure the goal has a timeline. You can establish a goal and it not have a deadline. Why? That means it will not get accomplished. What should a goal with a timeline look like – I would like to save $300 by the end of the first quarter or I’d like to save an extra $800 for our wedding by the summer. You set your own goal and have fun accomplishing it.

Third – Make sure you write it down. Goals that are thought of but not written down usually don’t get accomplished. You must have a way holding yourself accountable. Place it somewhere that you and your fiancé can see it.

Fourth – Create clearly defined short term and long-term goals. Goals for each quarter and what you would like to see happen at the one year mark. What does this do? It allows you to be INVOLVED in your finances all throughout the year and not just when it is time to pay bills, tax time or time to pay for wedding expenses.

Fifth – Make sure you have healthy habits in achieving your goals. Don’t focus on what you did in the past. Don't procrastinate where you won't even do it. Remove the distractions and/or hindrances that stop you from achieving your goals. Don't fall into the trap of I'm getting ready, getting ready and still getting ready six months into the year. The NEW YEAR is here and it is a BRAND NEW opportunity to go for it with excitement, with the prize in mind and envisioning achieving those goals.

Brides as you prepare to enter this new time and season in your life, get ready for the journey of your lifetime. How you handle money during your engagement is literally a prelude to how you will handle and discuss money throughout your marriage!! You can have the marriage of a lifetime with some outstanding conversations and financial lessons that will allow you to experience desired dreams because of sound financial skills.

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2014.


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