Love for a Lifetime –

February brings in an air of love and romance. I believe in expressing your love for a lifetime not just on one day of the year. I look at it like this, what sense does it make to be all lovey dovey on one day when you know you been fighting days before and you will again! Come on. Let's not pretend. If you don't know by now, as the Financial Expert I keep it real and let's do it on this topic to. Yes money will be a part of this. LOL!

Knowing how to LOVE for a LIFETIME from the very beginning can set the tone in your marriage. What does that mean Love for a Lifetime you ask? That means you have made a choice to LOVE your spouse regardless of income, health, wealth, family, career, or even religion. Let's break it down: When you first met and was all goo goo eyes about this person you will be walking down the aisle to commit that you will love forever, there was something special that made you say I could see myself with this person and have a wonderful life. You accepted them for who they were right then without knowing everything.

As you get married and the newness wears off, let's be honest at the end of the day that person did not change. What is happening is that you will begin to find out the truth if you had not put the cards on the table. But should you love that person any less because there may be some things coming out that you didn't know about. Absolutely not. Honey, you are not perfect either! We all make mistakes and it's okay. Learn from them and move on.


Look at some examples of Loving for a Lifetime:

1) Love your spouse for the way they buy the groceries and save you the time from having to do it.

2) Love them because they hold your hand.

3) Love them because they listen to you when you are frustrated about someone.

4) Love them for working hard and paying the bills.

5) Love them even if they are a spender and want to spend money on you, even when you don't want them to.

6) Love them for WHO they are and don't try to change them.

7) Love them for how they look into your eyes.

8) Love them for giving you a hug when they see you.

9) Love them for attending meetings with you to plan the wedding.

10) Love them for loving your parents.

11) Love them for wanting to see you succeed.

12) Love them for having DREAMS for your marriage.

13) Love them for having a JOB!

14) Love them for sitting down with you and saying let's have a financial plan! HINT!!! (You should bring it up if they haven't).

15) Love them and accept that they are going to grow and change.

16) Love them because they are an individual and not a robot.

17) Love them for being excited at times.

18) Love them when they are silent. (HINT – They could be trying to figure things out).

19) Love them when they don't get angry and blame you.

20) Love them when you can go and get dessert on the weekend.

21) Love them when they leave their clothes on the floor.

22) Love them when they take a shower and use all the hot water.

23) Love them when they make you cry. NOTE: That doesn't mean you were crying from sadness).

24) Love them when they leave you speechless

25) Love them when they have to talk with their parents just a little while longer and dinner may get cold.

26) Love them when they bring dinner home and now you don't have to cook!

27) Love them when they have had a frustrating day at work and come home weary.

28) Love them when they have a business idea and are too tired to even work on it.

29) Love them when they are the provider and it doesn't seem to be enough money to handle everything.

30) Bottom line LOVE THEM for a LIFETIME!! They had the GOOD SENSE to CHOOSE YOU to be their PARTNER for LIFE! How can they be bad!!!!



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