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Without a doubt we are in love with love, and all things bridal. As an advocate for marriage, our goal is to equip couples with tools to sustain their marriage long after the "I dos". One of my favorite quotes says, "I want my marriage to be more beautiful than my wedding". We are really excited to introduce Enrique Pascal to our bridal community. Enrique loves to empower couples in the area of spiritual growth, forgiveness, deliverance, transformation, relationships and ministry for Men and Women.

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Enrique Pascal was born in Panama, and he departed his native land at the age of five. His mother chose the borough of Brooklyn to be the place where she raised him and his sister. He adapted quickly to the fast-pace life and developed a hunger for better at an early age. “As long as I can remember, I always wanted more out of life. I recall growing up in New York wanting more than what the environment displayed to me.” Growing up in a fatherless home was very hurtful and challenging for Enrique, but it did not stop his drive. Actually, he used it as motivation.

In 1993, Enrique began a successful promotion company named, “All or Nothing Productions.” His company became one of the most sought after companies in the entertainment industry. He arranged parties for many in the world of Hip-Hop. Also, Enrique worked closely with Jay-Z and Damon Dash as they formulated Roc-A-Fella Records. He was branded as “Tone Capone” aka the “Party Promoter.” Enrique’s gangster approach helped him to experience success at a high level. He was featured in several music videos on BET, MTV, and the movie, “Backstage.” In February of 1999, he was a part of the history making tour, “The Hard Knock Life” visiting fifty five cities in a ten week period.

After an encounter with God, he chose to leave that career and began a spiritual journey which has impacted the lives of many people. “I once visited numerous arenas with twenty thousand or more screaming fans, and now, I am on the stage with thousands of screaming couples. It is amazing how God utilized the pain that I have encountered in my marriage for the benefit of others. I had no example of a real man, I had no idea of what fatherhood should be, and I was failing terribly in my marriage. However, the Lord took all of my negatives and made them all a positive. He used my emptiness and filled me with His wisdom and compassion for relationships.” The failures and victories that he has experienced in his marriage has been the key to helping so many other couples in their relationship. He states, “Mending broken relationships is why I was created, it is my passion, and my assignment here on earth. I have experienced and done a lot in my life, but nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing relationships transformed into what God has created for them to be.” Enrique is a dedicated Husband, Father, Author, Speaker, and Host of Transformation Radio.

Join Enrique for a powerful relationship series that begins today. The series will open with "The Blame Game" . Please visit: and opt-in to receive updates to Transformation Radio, Audio Replays and more!

DATE: June 4, 2013
TIME: 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 5:00pm PST
WHERE: Online:
OR Call in: ON AIR (347) 324-3003

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