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Stacy and Antoine didn't have to look far for true love. The two first met in elementary school. However, neither one of them were expecting their relationship to become romantic. "We were never on a romantic level or even a friendship level for that matter," said Stacy. However, in 2009 they randomly reconnected and started a conversation that led them to see how much they had in common. Stacy and Antoine officially started dating on New Year’s Day 2010 and have been together ever since. Check out their fun and flirty engagement session captured Sophia Barrett Studios.

Bride: Stacy Jean Philippe, 28, and BSS Support Agent

Groom: Antoine Mincy, 28, and System Analyst

Place of residence: Douglasville, GA

Wedding Date: 2/23/14

Honeymoon Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic










Engagement Story :

Antoine: On Saturday, December 22, 2012, Stacy was having one of the most difficult days of her life. She was missing her mother more than ever, just the thought about spending her birthday without her for the first time in her life ached her body. Everyone knew how her mother never let her birthday go by without some sort of family celebration for it. Her mother often said that each year Stacy's birthday felt like hers as well. So, to get her mind off of things, we decided to do some site seeing at the mall. We eventually came across a poster of Cirque Du Soliel. Anyone who knows Stacy knows how much she loves Cirque Du Soliel. She would often talk about how she has never seen a live show and how it was on her bucket list. I proceeded to ask her questions about Cirque Du Soliel as if I knew nothing about it; apparently I am a good actor. She went along describing all the things she loved about it. Little did she know I had purchased tickets for the show weeks before…

Stacy: At midnight, Antoine takes out a ring pop, gets down on one knee by our Christmas tree and starts talking really serious about our relationship and where he sees us in the future but I can't keep a straight face because this big red shiny ring pop is on my finger. He looks at me and says, "You aren't taking me seriously are you?" I responded by saying, "how can I with this big piece of candy on my finger?" He goes back to the same side of the couch where he hid the ring pop and pulls out a real Diamond Ring! I couldn't contain myself… he asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! He then tells me that wasn't my birthday gift and sends me to look under the keyboard… He got me tickets to Cirque du Soleil!

What makes your love special?

Humility. We are able to admit when we are wrong. Our relationship thrives because we forgive one another and are sure to let the other know we love them even though we may have been upset at an earlier moment. The other would have to be timing. We met each other at the perfect point in our lives that we would be able to appreciate each other. We often joke about how if we would have tried to date earlier on in life we would have hated each other. God placed us in each other lives at the exact moment we needed to meet. We may have not been born for one another but we can honestly say we were molded for one another.


Congrats to Stacy and Antoine! We wish you a wonderful wedding and marriage!


Photographer: Sophia Barrett Studios

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