Should Engaged Couples Discuss EVERY Money Matter

Over the last few weeks, I have had the honor of talking with several brides-to-be about working from home. Some of them didn't make a decision right away and stated that they needed to talk with their fiance' about the opportunity. Others were thinking BIG picture and being in control of their destiny. So it makes me ask the question: Should engaged couples discuss every money matter? I could see this answer being yes and no. It really depends on the couple.

Some may say YES for the following reasons:

(1) If there is only one income in the relationship and the budget is very tight, then it should be discussed so they both know what is involved in the opportunity.

(2) That is the agreement they have, before each other spends any money they will discuss it.

(3) If the other person would need to make the investment for them because they don't have as much money

Some may read this and say NO for the following reasons:

(1) If they have a mutual agreement about how much they can spend without having to talk with the other and this amount falls into that category.

(2) If the person believes that this opportunity will help support the family and they want to show the other soon to be spouse that they are thinking BIG PICTURE.

(3) They want something for themselves that they can do to earn extra money and this investment would not hinder family's finances.

Do you see how each relationship is different and it really depends on how the couple communicates? Communication about finances is essential to the success of the relationship before, during and after you say "I Do". It is crucial for both to be on the same page and have mutual goals when it comes to finances and what they would like to experience in their marriage as husband and wife.

Begin talking money today for the LIFE you want to live tomorrow.


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