Welcome to Villa Feltrinelli, a hidden gem in Gargnano, Italy.

Welcome to Villa Feltrinelli, a hidden-gem in Gargnano, Italy situated along Lake Garda.  Imagine you and the love of your life spending your honeymoon on eight beautifully manicured acres with lakeside Italianate gardens awakening your senses to natures love.  The best part is this enchanted fairy-tale castle with only 21 bedrooms, can only be spotted from the lake!  Your day can begin with a visit to the  village, the Verona Opera Festival (seasonal) or a romantic hike up the San Valentino’s panoramic mountain.  For more leisure activities you can enjoy croquet on the lawn, a massage in the limonaia or snuggle poolside enjoying homemade ice-cream from an old-fashioned gelateria.  Villa Feltrinelli is a wonderful place for a lifetime of love to begin, or rekindle hearts already in blossom!


I'd love to hear from you, what do you think about this gorgeous destination?

Until next time…allow love to lead the way!



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