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ALTON WEEKES NEW YORK is a New York based boutique design studio that creates luxury hand-crafted stationery products for specialty shops, museum gift stores, high-end retailers, luxury hotels and resorts. In an industry dominated my women, Alton Weekes has made a name for himself and has become a staple in the stationery community. Alton, who said that his mother is his muse and main inspiration behind his creative designs, aspires to inspire people through his life and his designs. "We were born as individuals because we all have something extraordinary to bring to this earth, everyday we should show up and step into our BRILLIANCE!"  said Alton. Check out our one-on-one with the super talented Alton Weekes!

1.   How did you get started in the invitation design industry?

Growing up my mother gave my sisters and I cards as a means to stay in touch with family and friends. As I got older that feeling of giving remained with me and ideas of creating cards started to flow just from me folding a piece of paper. I don’t know any other men stationery designers, it’s a field dominated by woman so I had to create my own lane making a way for Alton Weekes New York. My mother who is the inspiration behind my business is no longer with us in the physical so creating stationery allows me to keep her memory of gift giving alive. She always gave a card to someone. It was her ministry; she knew how to connect with people through the written word on paper. What she did, gave me permission to pursue my dreams.

 2.   How is your custom invitation business different from others on the scene?

We are a handcrafted design studio we cater to a niche market developing custom and private label designs for a discerning clientele offering a range of ideas and concepts. We’re not factory made or cookie cutter. There are no books for you to look at, each design is custom outfitted for you. Our mission is to take your thoughts, ideas and vision and pair it with our stationery and when you blend these ingredients you get something beautiful and delicious. Your invitation sets the tone for the event, Black tie or business casual. The invitation is the clue if paid attention to.

 3.  Describe the ALTON WEEKES NEW YORK clientele:

Our clientele consist of high-end retailers that carry our couture greeting card line, most notably Neiman Marcus, Barney’s NY, Bergdorf Goodman, Fortnum & Mason in London where the royals shop, Bra chard Cie – Switzerland, Essence Du Papier in Montreal and Ito-Ya, the largest stationery store in Japan and a host of other luxury hotels and resorts, museums and art galleries throughout the United States. We also work with A-listers from two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington and is wife Pauletta, Susan L. Taylor, Terrie M. Williams – PR Guru, comedic actor Chris Rock and his wife Malaak to Actor Ben Stiller and wife Christine to name a few, all have called upon us to create something extraordinary for them.

 4.  What are some of the inspirations behind your designs?

I’m inspired by run-way fashion, home décor, typography and elements I saw growing up when my family would get dressed for Sunday’s Best. I like paper and fabric, all kinds. From birds nest to brocade, pattern and damask, metallic, linen and silks are my favorite’s to design with. I like how they feel. I love texture.

5.   How do you come up with your designs?

I meditate. I’m spiritually grounded, so my influence comes from always starting my day in prayer and  finishing my night writing in my gratitude journal. Also, everyday people who have a sense of style.  I’m attuned and attracted to beautiful things so I try to surround myself with things that have a sense of purpose and meaning.

6.  What tips would you offer to brides who are looking to purchase custom invitations?

Know your true budget, plan ahead, know there are possibilities for a range of incomes, Be unique and make your wedding or event custom tailored to you and know people like myself want to help make your day special so reach out to the experts, not your cousin who is a hobbyist. People think they can cut corners but vendors and experts in the field have relationship with manufacturers so they can get the best deals when sourcing ideas creating something special for you. There is more than enough for all of us to eat.

 7.   What is your favorite part of designing?

I get to work with some of the most talented people on my team as we explore design and concepts that literally push the envelope. We create memories and keepsake ideas.


If you would like to know more about ALTON WEEKES NEW YORK  visit or email [email protected] or call 888.299.0526. The Alton Weekes studio is located in New York and by appointment only.  Stay up to date on all things Alton via Facebook and twitter!   You can also purchase their greeting cards on ETSY.

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