Way Back Wednesday: Simple Summer Massachusetts Wedding

Ashley and Evandro met in 2008 while they both attended the Howard University School of Law. Evandro was selling bar examination class packages and Ashley told him that if he could recall her name the next time they saw each other, then she would purchase the class from him. Two days later he remembered Ashley’s name and they have been together ever since! Check out Ashley and Evandro’s sophisticated summer wedding in Plum Island, Massachusetts, captured by Flavio D Photography.

Bride: Ashley K. Carvalho, 34, Attorney

Groom: Evandro C. Carvalho, 36, MA State Representative

Place of Residence: Boston, Massachusetts

Wedding date: August 9, 2014

Wedding Location: Plum Island, Newburyport, Massachusetts

Honeymoon: Costa Rica

Engagement story:  

Evandro and I were in the middle of a two-day argument (about what, we don’t remember), so I decided to go out with friends for the evening. During the evening, I asked Evandro to join us as a way of making-up. A big group of friends ended up at a local lounge talking about relationships and how you know you found “the one,” when Evandro pulled the ring out of his pocket. He had been carrying it around for two weeks. While the entire lounge toasted our engagement, Evandro told me that I never answered his question: “Will you marry me?”  We laughed, I said YES, and they played “A Ribbon in the Sky” while we enjoyed our champagne toast. 

What makes your love special:  

We really have a great friendship. Immediately we felt comfortable around each other and we were able to enjoy the silence while in each other’s company. We also love a good debate or competition, it pushes us to communicate and have fun together.

From the Bride: 

Honestly, everything went perfectly (or at least my Coordinator let me think so).  On the day, I wasn’t nervous or apprehensive. I was excited and felt like the luckiest woman in the world and still do. Leading up to the wedding was stressful, but the big day was absolutely perfect and if I had to do it all over, I would, and I wouldn’t change one thing!  

From the Groom: 

Whispering in the ear of the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen, all night long.

Most memorable moment: 

Dancing the night away with all our friends and family. We really wanted to have a PARTY, and the night turned into the perfect reception without a lot of those “traditional” wedding events that tend to interrupt the fun! 

Wedding Song: 

We had two wedding songs. Evandro is Cape Verdean, African, and we wanted the wedding to include his culture. So our first song was John Legend’s “You and I” followed by Jamice’s “Nha Princesa.”

Favorite Wedding detail:  

We ordered mini Georgetown Cupcakes as favors. This is a Washington D.C.-based company, and it was a way for us to connect to the city where we fell in love.  

Advice for Bride and Groom on their wedding day: 

Relax and enjoy every moment! No matter what goes wrong, what you will always remember is the joy, love, and excitement you felt. Cherish it! 

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish you many years of wedded bliss!


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