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How to Pick the Perfect Venue for Your Winter Wedding –

Credit: Biltmore, Asheville NC

Have your mind set on hosting a beautiful winter wedding? We don’t blame you—the coziness of colder weather and the cheer of the holidays can set the scene for a truly memorable wedding. As the venue is the main aspect that sets the tone for your event, we turned to Tina Hoang-To, venue expert, and CEO of Wedding Spot, a site that allows you to search, price, and compare wedding venues. Tina shared some key things you should know when you’re searching for your dream winter wedding venue.


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Envision Your Dream Venue

The first step to choosing an amazing venue is obvious, but not necessarily easy: envision your dream wedding. Does it involve a winter wonderland in a grand ballroom? A cozy, intimate lodge? A ceremony atop a snow-covered mountain? Once you identify your vision, it will help you narrow down your search of specific venues that are compatible with your location, guest count, and wedding budget.

Credit: The Drake Hotel, Chicago, IL

Book Early

If you’re hoping for a wedding date around the holidays, book early! While there does tend to be a drop in venue prices during the winter months due to decreased demand, this rule does not apply to the month of December. Companies, organizations, and groups tend to book venues for holiday parties in December, filling up weekend dates throughout the month. Keep in mind that this may also apply to many vendors. Instead of December, try January, February, or even March, which remains perfectly wintery in many parts of the country.

Credit: Malmaison, Washington, DC

Get Ahead of the Weather

As much as we don’t want to admit that bad weather could be a factor in your winter wedding, the truth is, it can be. While the cold, rain, or snow can prevent you from having a full outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, there are ways to get around the weather. If your venue provides a heated tent, you can still enjoy an outdoor ceremony or reception (or both) without facing the cold. Be sure to consider the local weather, and see if the venues have tents or indoor spaces available for backup. Also, consider the availability of heating. Of course, you can also embrace the season and have your ceremony at a snowy mountaintop venue!

Credit: Union Hill Inn, Sonora, CA

Heat Lamps and Fire Pits

Not surprisingly, cozy winter weddings are a crowd favorite. If your venue includes a patio or an outdoor area of any sort, ask if they provide heat lamps for those areas. While some venues may already have them set up, others will require that you pay an additional fee for heat lamps. If your venue features a fire pit, make sure to take advantage of it. After all, who doesn’t love snuggling by the fire with a delicious wintertime drink, or better yet—s’mores!


Picking the perfect venue requires that you have a wedding vision and a clear understanding of the venue logistics that make the vision come to life. This may prove especially true for winter weddings, where factors like the weather and the holidays demand extra attention. The venue search process may seem trying at times, but it’s all worth it when you find your dream venue.  Be sure to visit to help make searching for your perfect wedding venue easy. Happy searching!

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