Bridal Showers

How to Plan The Best Bridal Shower. Ever.

By Tahirah Francis, owner of Loved Ms. 

Your bestie is getting married (insert ugly cry face here); And because she is special to you, you want to make every wedding event special for her. You don’t want it to be your average run of the mill party, but what do you do? Where to start? No worries, we’re here to help. Pick a theme!

We know your probably thinking ugh… themes can be so cheesy! Well yes, they can but, I believe when done right a theme can be awesome! If you think about it, a theme will help guide you to make all the decisions about your party from invites to food to décor to favors. Think of it as your event roadmap. We’ve created several bridal party theme sections on our site to help you through, but how do you choose? As a former wedding planner, I’ve put together a couple of tips on how to choose a theme that your bride-to-be will LOVE and décor that will go PERFECTLY with it.

Let’s say your bestie LOVES rose gold (who doesn’t). Maybe her engagement ring is rose gold or you notice she’s found adorable ways to tie that color into her wedding. You can throw her a rose gold themed bridal shower. Yes, colors can be a theme! It’s modern and kind of glam, but will make for a gorgeous sweet occasion.

Do you have more of a destination “Tropical Beach” bestie? If you can’t tear her away from island shores and she loves an umbrella drink, a tropical theme shower might be perfect for her. We LOVE the fun vibe and bright colors selected for this theme, she will too! Get the Pina Colada’s flowing and pineapple vases going.

Perhaps your bride-to-be is a total purple person and she has fallen in love with Pantone’s Color of the year, Ultraviolet. She’s added in gorgeous purple details to her wedding and it’s sure to be extra sweet. She may LOVE a Violet Floral Garden Party. For this, we made sure to add sweet touches of floral everywhere from photo backdrops to straws. This theme is perfect for any garden celebration and everyone will love the details!

If your guest of honor is more of a laid back girl with a country vibe, our rustic theme may be perfect for her. We’ve chosen charming rustic details to create a shabby chic event she’ll LOVE. Add in cute handmade details to make this occasion come life.

Love one of these parties and really want to bring it to life? Visit our Pinterest here for more ideas the bride to be will absolutely love. Looking for some fun decor for your next bridal event? Visit for these decor details and great products for the bride-to-be and her squad!

Tahirah Francis is the owner and CEO of Loved Ms., the online destination for gorgeous bridal party gifts, bride swag & much more! As a former wedding planner and a woman who LOVES love, she’s a huge fan of romantic comedies and pretty much anything to do with weddings. She lives to hear her kids laugh and see her husband smile. She’s also never met a piece of cake she didn’t like. You can reach her directly at [email protected]

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