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Journey To The Aisle: A Wedding “Planner Bride” Series by Ashley Miller: Scene 2 –

I’m so glad you decided to join me for Scene 2 of my “Journey To The Aisle” series. Get ready for an overload of photos because we got our engagement session photos back and we love them!

Our Photographer, Michelle McDowell, of Michelle Davina Photography, requested one thing from Kenneth and me: Be Yourself. During our consultation, she asked several questions to discover the direction we were going to go in. Of course, I came to the consultation prepared with a Pinterest board of poses, attire, possible locations, and other details I wanted to incorporate into our session. Michelle was right on board and gave us some great ideas to add a little more personal flare.

There are a few things Kenneth and I share a love for, relaxing at home and shopping.These were the two things we wanted to portray in our session. We started the day with a homebody vibe, sweats & t-shirts. A typical day for us is Kenneth on the couch looking at sports, as I sit close by with my laptop working or surfing the internet. Yep, we are pretty simple and we love it!

The next location included our other hobby, or habit, shopping. Kenneth can out shop me indeed. I can walk through every aisle, every row, and Kenneth is still not ready to go. It’s so funny that I have truly met my match. During the session, we strolled along a popular shopping district in Atlanta and ended the day at a nearby restaurant for a glass of wine. For all of my Blush Event couples, I like for them to write notes to each other before seeing one another for the 1st time on wedding day. A simple note expressing their feelings at the moment or something about their wedding planning journey. I knew this was something I wanted to capture during our engagement session. I told Kenneth about the idea, give him Captivating Calligraphy by L.A.’s contact information, they took it from there, and I was presented with the note at the restaurant. This was such a special moment for me, I could barely hold back my tears. He expressed his appreciation for my support and shared his excitement for our future.

I encourage you to be true to who you are individually and as a couple during your engagement session. Think of places you like to go, things you enjoy doing together, and your personal style. These elements will make for the perfect engagement session.

Join me in two weeks for Scene 3, as I share how life-altering finances changed my whole wedding. Until next time, I wish you wedding happiness & joy!

Planner Tip: Your engagement photos can be used for a variety of reasons, so take the time to brainstorm potential purposes. Here are some ideas: professional headshots, blog/magazine submission, portraits for home decor, wedding website, announcements, and photo guestbook to name a few.

Photo Credit: Michelle Davina Photography

Calligraphy Note: Captivating Calligraphy by L.A.

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Ashley Miller is an Atlanta-based Wedding Planner. Her desire to share her personal wedding planning journey  and the realness about the combination of life & planning a wedding led her to Black Bride. Ashley is a true Peach, born and raised in Georgia. She experiences true joy when assisting her wedding clients through the unknown of the wedding world. Keep up with Ashley at BlushEventCompBlog or on IG @BlushEventComp

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