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Journey To The Aisle: A Wedding”Planner Bride” Series by Ashley Miller:Scene 7

I’m so glad you decided to join me for Scene 7 of my “Journey to the Aisle” series. Kenneth & I  are less than 50 days away from meeting each other at the aisle! As a wedding planner, I wouldn’t dare walking down the aisle without a wedding coordinator taking over the final leg of the race. Yes, a wedding planner needs a wedding planner!

I’ve enjoyed the experience of planning my vision and picking my wedding dream team. I’ve selected hotels, done venue tours, attended tastings, gone to some of my gown fittings, selected draping for our big day, picked out linen for the tables, researched room blocks, and the list goes on.  Now that most of the pre-work has been done, it’s time to hand over the reins to Robyne of Carrie Belle Events. A lot of brides mistakenly think the hard part is done, but I’m here to share the real job that is yet to begin.

I’m sure you've read wedding articles stating if you have gotten this far, you don’t need a planner. Oh boy, the deceit in the statement is so sad. This point in the planning journey is where you ready should hand over the details to truly enjoy the final weeks of the journey in peace. Your family and new in-laws have booked their flights, you should be planning their itineraries, not the wedding day logistics. It’s time to pick out your bridal shower attire, not boggling your mind about what time the DJ should load in. You should be scheduling Girls Spa Day details, not trying to figure out if the mezzanine is the best placement for the photobooth. It’s time to create welcome bags, not worrying about if there's enough wattage for the lighting package you ordered. It’s time for you to shop for bridal party gifts, not figure out how much time needs to be designated for hair & makeup for 13 people.

If you don’t have a professional wedding coordinator, get one now. The keywords are professional and now. I can promise you it will be the best investment you make towards your wedding.

Here are a few things your coordinator will do that you haven’t thought of:

  • Confirm all vendors load in time and greet them upon arrival
  • Counting the number of chairs for the ceremony/reception to ensure your guests have seats
  • Pin the gentlemen's boutonnieres (there is an art to proper pinning)
  • Verify the DJ has the correct songs for processional and reception dances
  • Time for cake cutting, your planner will be sure the photographer is in place
  • Departure sparkler exit. Yes, there will be instructions given and a water bucket on hand
  • Getaway car is pulling off and your tummy starts to growl. Of course, there is a to-go bag of yummy food and drinks on the seat next to you

Allow your wedding coordination to do what they do best, bring your vision to life and make your wedding day as seamless as possible.

See you in two weeks; same time, same day.  

Planner Tip: Simple, hire a professional planner! You should enjoy your special day and the love ones around you. Having to worry about the timeline items and scheduling on your wedding day will be a big regret.  

Photo Credit: Michelle Davina Photography


Ashley Miller is an Atlanta-based Wedding Planner, specializing in Wedding Day Management. Her desire to share her personal wedding planning journey and the realness about the combination of life & planning a wedding led her to Black Bride. Ashley is a true Peach, born and raised in Georgia. She experiences true joy when assisting her wedding clients through the unknown of the wedding world. Keep up with Ashley at BlushEventCompBlog or on IG @BlushEventComp

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