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Product Review – Plan Your Wedding In Style With AllSeated Virtual Reality

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful. Between vendors, venues and guest lists, your planner can get overwhelmed quickly. That is where AllSeated comes in, a wedding planning app that takes collaboration and visualization to the next level. Utilizing a free online network that aggregates your wedding team in one place, while also providing a unique virtual reality experience that helps you arrange your event space long before you say “I do,” AllSeated is one tool you should get your hands on as soon as possible.


The AllSeated VR cardboard is a sturdily built device that comes with an attachable Velcro strap that secures onto your head. The cardboard itself has a simple black and white color scheme with orange accents. An adorable penguin is situated at the front with the words, “Your Event. Simplified.” The goggle portion is made out of a smooth, but tough plastic so you don’t have to be too worried if you accidentally drop it.

AllSeated’s accompanying website and app have a clean and modern style that makes navigation easy. If there’s ever a time you’re struggling with a feature, you can simply watch one of AllSeated’s instructional videos or ask for assistance through live chat via company website. 

How to use

First you must download the app and make an account for AllSeated. Once logged in, you can create a virtual wedding event space where you can add your vendors and venue if you have them booked already. If your venue happens to not be in AllSeated’s search field, you can simply upload your space layout and the designers at AllSeated will create a 3D mockup for you. Aside from vendors and venues, you can also add your wedding planner, caterer and entourage for hassle-free collaboration.

For organization, you can manage a timeline where you can assign tasks or design a floorplan and seating chart for your guests. Enter the fields that ask what size and color your event space is, then drag and drop assorted objects as you see fit on your floorplan. You’re free to choose from different shaped tables, stools, bars, sofas, loveseats, ottomons, charging stations and more. A nifty toolbar is provided so your inner perfectionist can align and space objects to your heart’s content.

The guest tab allows you to enter a guest list with RSVP filters and arranged seating options. You can also link your guests to specific wedding events such as the ceremony, reception, dinner, or anything else you have planned; this way you have an accurate seat count in case anyone has to leave early. Best of all, you can save money by sending customized e-invitations to all your guests instead of writing each by hand.

Lastly, you can generate easy-to-read automated reports for your guest list and floor plan, letting you and your collaborators stay in the know every step of the way.


The virtual reality floor plan was fascinating. I could truly walk through the wedding space I designed and get an idea of what my guests would experience on the big day. Since I was only testing the app, I didn’t have an actual venue attached to my event space. So when it came to the floorplan I entered 200 x 200 feet initially, not thinking much of it. AllSeated’s interactive floorplan showed me the stark size would be a bit much for the 100 guests I was arranging tables for. Eventually I downsized to a 75 x 75 feet floorplan that seemed far more appropriate for dinner and dancing.

I also appreciated the various angles the app provided me. Not only was I able to explore my virtual wedding space from a first person view, but I could also check out the floorplan from above, which helped me decide how I wanted to arrange my tables. I also found the hovering table numbers, party names and transparent wall options were a nice touches.

With such great technology like VR available, it’d be unwise to skip out on interactive floorplan viewings, especially if you’re doing all the planning yourself. Your wedding day should go without a hitch, and AllSeated is here to make that happen for you. Visit to get started on your VR wedding planning experience!

Tell us what you think about virtual reality in the wedding space in the comments below. We’d love to know if this is something you’d try.

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