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Twerks and Caicos: A Bride’s Guide to a Great Bachelorette Getaway

We love a fabulous bachelorette trip, especially if it involves a beach, sun and lots of fun with your girls. One of our featured brides recently planned an epic bachelorette trip to Turks & Caicos with her bridal party and we have all the details on how you can too!

From Bride-to-be Nofisat Aka Love Nafi: 

Sexy and sophisticated, my Turks and Caicos Bachelorette Getaway was one to remember. Birthed by the carefree spirit of the island and the ability to let loose at any moment, Twerks and Caicos became the catchphrase of the week. So many memories were built on this tiny island. And it all started with 8 ladies on a mission to give their friend an experience of a lifetime. To be honest, I didn’t plan anything. I had the pleasure of literally just showing up. Despite this I left with some really great tips to share with future brides. Check out my tips below: 

Secure the Whip.

Even though I freaked out about driving on the left side of the road, I still think having a rental car gave us convenience. Having your own wheels gives your group the autonomy and flexibility when getting from point A to B. Just make sure you assign a designated driver on those epic nights out.

Accommodate Yourself.

Whether it’s a guaranteed all in one package with an all-Inclusive resort or a residential gem via Airbnb, make sure you think about the feel of your bachelorette party. If you’re looking for a minimal effort easy access turn up, resorts are a great option because food and activities are always at your fingertips. However, if you want a little more relaxing experience, try the Airbnb route.  We lucked out on a 5-star villa that was a 2-minute walk from the beach. It was the ultimate vacation dream home.

Diversify Your Wardrobe.

Brides, this is your time to shine! Step outside the box and wear something you normally wouldn’t. I wore something sexy every day. And I made sure to secure all my must have vacation items online at least 2 weeks before the trip.

Don’t Plan Too Much.

Let things be organic and go with the flow. This was one of the few trips that I didn’t book any excursions. At first this worried us a little, but our best days were actually totally unplanned. We found that so many choices and opinions were often times counterproductive. So we let who we met and what we saw guide us, which helped create one of our best trips to date.  Which brings me to my next point

Make Friends. 

When traveling you definitely have to trust your instincts and be safe, but also take the time to feel people out. This is what made our experience authentic. We were oriented to so many cool places, perks, exclusives because of the locals we met. By the time we left, we not only made our mark on the island but also built a network to last.

Try at Least One New Thing. 

The bachelorette celebration is the time to be bold. I vividly remember trying conch pistol for the first time (make sure you google it). I had never heard of it prior to this trip, even though it was a Providenciales staple. When our waiter took us by the beach and asked me if I wanted to try this shell covered aphrodisiac, I was fair game. It became the quintessential moment of our trip.

Give Each Bridesmaid Attention. 

There are definitely pros and cons to traveling with a large group, and it’s easy to become bridezilla when you’re overwhelmed by all of your friends all at once. But don’t forget that you have a unique friendship with each person. Harness that and create those intimate moments. I scrolled through old iPhone pictures that I shared with each bridesmaid (iPhone’s picture album does this for you under the “people” tab). When there is no time for 1-on-1, don’t be afraid to split up and try semi smaller groups. You’ll be intrigued by the interesting mix and stream of events that follow.

Thank Your Bridesmaids.

Going out of town for a bachelorette party is a big deal. Having your bridesmaids plan a whole trip for you takes a lot of trust. I had great friends that went above and beyond to make sure I had a blast. So whether you wow them with a heartfelt speech or just cry out tears of joy, make sure you express gratitude in a special way so they know how much you truly appreciate them. And most importantly make sure you have fun. They’ll be happy simply because of this!

Share your bachelorette party plans with us in the comments below. Also, you can keep up with Love Nafi’s bridal journey at and on social @love_nafi!

Photo credit: Modupe Onitiri

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