6 Bridal Fashion Traditions to Practice & How to Incorporate Them on Your Special Day

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While many are opting out of practicing traditions of any kind for their special day, for some brides, traditions are a way to honor their roots, history and origin stories in a sacred way for their even more sacred special day. 

Though many cultural traditions like jumping the broom and religious traditions like lighting a unity candle are of the more popular traditions in wedding culture, there are several fashion traditions for the bride looking to make a stylish splash for her ceremony!

Here are seven of our favorite fashion traditions to incorporate into your wedding day!

Something New

“Something New”

Wearing “something new” for your wedding day traditionally serves as a symbol of optimism and fresh energy to be brought into your new chapter of life. Easy ways to incorporate something new into your wedding day look is through accessories. In recent years thanks to social media, we’ve seen some grooms opt to gift their soon-to-be wives a special gift in the form of jewelry as their “something new”. Whether it’s a beautiful necklace or a Cartier “LOVE” bracelet to add to their collections, opting to abide by this classic sentiment through your own crowned jewels is a simple way to do so.

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“Something Borrowed”

According to tradition, the “something borrowed” is meant to represent “borrowed happiness” from another person. This can easily be exchanged with a legacy-filled handkerchief perfect for any potential happy tears that may be shed on your special day from a family member or even through wearing a passed down jewelry piece from your partner’s family. Princess Meghan went through with this tradition by wearing an iconic aquamarine ring of her late mother-in-law’s gifted by her husband. “Something borrowed” is a beautiful sentiment to honor the past as you enter into your present.

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“Something Blue”

“Something blue” might seem like a random additive to the bridal tradition but actually represents more than a mere color. As the color blue symbolizes purity, you can use this opportunity to ring in your special day with a sense of love. A fun and sexy way to incorporate the cool hue is to wear it underneath. Try opting for a blue garter belt or even a light blue lingerie set for underneath your dress as a fun and unique way to slide in the color if you’re not necessarily into exposing the color amidst the contrast of our white dress.

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“Sixpence in Your Shoe”

Although a now lesser practiced tradition, the English practice of putting a “sixpence in your shoe” stood for exuding out energies of prosperity and lucrative fortune for you and your groom. Being as though sixpences are no longer a currency that’s in production, they are hard to locate these days. However, if you search the Internet, you can find some places that might sell their rare sixpences they have left.

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Wedding Veils

Despite being a tradition that is highly unkempt to this day, most people don’t know that the tradition of the veil stems from the idea that it covers and protects the bride from any and all evil spirits and energies that may come to negatively toil with their union and special day. Rooted in the history of the Roman and Greek cultures, the diverse types of veil designs that exist today are endless and it’s easy to find one that best suits your stylistic needs.

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Garter Belts

Traditionally acknowledged during the reception portion of the wedding despite being worn the entire day, the garter belt is known widely as a traditional accessory worn by brides just to be taken off at the reception by their groom. But originally, the purpose of the small accessory was meant to help uphold the stockings of the bride that were being worn underneath her gown. Whether you choose to wear stockings on your special day or not, the garter belt is a sly way to honor tradition in a subtle (and sexy) way for your nuptials.

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Written by contributing fashion writer, Kennedi LéShea.

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