The Eloping Bride: What to Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Elopement Look

Image by Johnny Cinematic.

For the easygoing, stress-avoiding and simplistic bride, eloping is becoming a more popular choice in nuptial planning. While the idea of elopement is far from new, the rise has been at an all-time high since the onset of the pandemic, forcing couples to cancel their larger wedding events . 

But it’s not just the everyday bride and groom have chosen this route over the years. Starlet couples past and present like music pioneers Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz and newer couples like singer Shelea Frazier and Dr. Phil McDonald all chose the road less traveled when it comes to wedding planning and seem more than satisfied with their decisions in doing so. 

Although the planning experience of an elopement may seem less elaborate then the traditional wedding, that doesn’t mean your attire has to be. This is still your moment. Being free from the expectations of a formal wedding gives you even more opportunity to play with fabric texture, length, and shape, giving you more space creativity and more options to consider.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for your perfect elopement look:

1. Choose a Fabric That is Easy and Comfortable

Is your elopement taking place at a foreign destination or unique venue. Are you planning on taking pictures in multiple locations? If any of this is the case, wearing a fabric that can easily move wherever the day takes you important. You also want to be able to easily pack it! So, opt for the more breathable, lightweight fabrics can fit in a suitcase…..and the front seat of a “just married” two seater convertible if necessary.

2. Plan If You Can

Elopement doesn’t always mean fast. The beautiful thing about an elopement wedding is that it’s such an intimate and personal decision between you and your partner. You hold the power on portraying what it looks like for you and this includes the fashion. If you’re envisioning a specific style , it might take time to find the dress and then have it ordered or even custom designed.

3. Shop Local

If you happen to be looking for something for a last minute ceremony but still want a unique, one of one look, check out your local boutiques and consignment shops. While this may seem like a non-traditional choice to search for a wedding outfit, these shops are often filled with hidden gems just right for a non-traditional affair. 

4. Think Outside the Box.

While a dress might be your first thought in crafting your wedding day look, don’t be limited to that box especially during this expedited time! Take a stab at more modern choices for your bridal outfit like a jumpsuit, skirt & blouse combo or even a pant suit! Think of more obscure, non-traditional accessory and styling choices like adding a hat, your favorite chunky jewelry or even a colorful shoe for a pop of color to complete your look. Your wedding, whether planned quickly or over a long period of time, is YOUR’S and should be planned in a way that will make you happy and be a beautiful representation of you and your personal style aesthetic.

Check out some of our favorite celeb, eloping bridal styles for the perfect dose of inspiration for your eloping plans!

Sheléa & Dr. Phil McDonald

Singer Shelea who got engaged and married on the same day to her radiologist hubby, Dr. Phil McDonald opted for a billowing halter neck gown by Danny Mizrachi. While traditional in silhouette detail with its pearl beading features at the neckline and waist, this gown gave a hint of modernity in its sheer fabrication which gave the look a sexy and sultry feel to round out its overall breezy design. 

Images by Johnny Cinematic.

Melanie Fiona & Jared Cotter

R&B songstress got eloped to her longtime beau Jared Cotter in a pristinely fitted yet stunningly simplistic $56 dress from ASOS despite it looking every bit of an overtly expensive design straight off someone’s French runway. Despite getting married amidst the COVID-19 pandemic after canceling their original plans for a bigger destination ceremony in Italy, the couple’s wedding looks was nothing short of gorgeous and timeless.

Images by Johanna Brinckman.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

Multi-hyphenate, triple threat and pop culture icon opted for “something borrowed” to her recent and sudden nuptials to old flame Ben Affleck. Describing the dress in her Instagram post of the festivities as “a dress from an old movie”, the barely floor-length gown designed by Alexander McQueen featured a delicately embroidered fabric and halter neckline; a stark contrast to the star’s infamous, over-the-top public fashion persona. 

Images by JLo.

Written by contributing fashion writer, Kennedi LéShea.

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