And Just Like That…It’s Bridal: 18 Wedding Dresses to Live Out Your Sex & the City Inspired Bridal Fashion Dreams

As the second season of Max’s hit Sex & the City spin-off comes to a close, the ladies of And Just Like That… remain the style stars of TV. While the iconic characters Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda continue to serve looks, sticking to their signature aesthetics, we’ve also watched newcomers like Seema and Lisa Todd Wexley make their mark by strutting the New York streets in the show-stopping fashion ensembles. And as the girls continue to reign supreme in the fashion department, we can’t help but wonder… what bridal looks would each character go for if they were to get married today?

If you’re a bride who identifies with any one of these ultra-chic ladies’ styles, then you’re more than likely looking for a one-of-one outfit for your special day. We’ve gathered our top three bridal looks from a range of designers for each of AJLT’s leading ladies to spark your inspiration

Carrie Bradshaw:

Carrie Bradshaw’s eclectic style has become a cultural touchstone in the fashion zeitgeist. Known for her knack of mixing high-value pieces with vintage boutique finds, the essence of Carrie’s iconic fashion sense is rooted in her freedom to experiment!

Images by Getty Images and Max.

To channel your inner Ms. Bradshaw for your special day, think of trying dramatic skirts and unique detailing like raw edges or a huge appliqué. Be unafraid in crafting your bridal style like the queen of New York and try out that dress or accessory that’s unapologetically bold. When inspired by the first lady of Sex & The City, bigger is better and what better day to go big than your wedding day? Give all the drama and glamour your heart desires and check out niche designers like Danielle Frankel and Magda Butrym who design eccentric, one of a kind gown dresses to appeal to your inner Carrie. 

Images by Danielle Frankel, Mira Zwillinger, and Magda Butrym.

Nya Wallace:

Professor Nya is a stoic and poised character who is beginning a new chapter of her life this season. And being as though you’re starting anew in many ways as well, you might find yourself identifying with her for your bridal fashion aesthetic. 

Images by Max and Getty Images.

Characterized in style by her love of patterns and on the go, day-to-night looks, Nya’s outfits always give us a talking point; adding pieces and making stylistic choices to her looks that spark conversation, you can channel the same energy for your bridal fashions. By mixing classic pieces with a hint of character like Professor Nya, you can achieve a glorious look that is personal to you and coveted by fashion lovers alike and give your guests something to talk about!

Images by Ines di Santo, Amsale, and Houghton NYC.

Seema Patel:

The bossiest of bosses, Seema Patel is the kick and flair of And Just Like That. Always spotted in a rich color scheme and elegant yet sexy look, Seema gives us Grown Woman Energy every time we see her serving a look and we’re always here for it!

Images by Max.

A Girl Boss through and through, Seema always looks like she’s in control of every look she sends the New York street’s way and her color palette is always in the rich, neutral family. For brides that are looking to be timeless and graceful like Ms. Patel, oftentimes, the more simple the look, the more chic it is! Go for minimalism and regality when approaching your bridal gown for a certified Seema-look. 

Images by Willowby by Watters, Danielle Frankel, and Maria Lucia Hohan.

Charlotte York:

Images by Max, Getty Images.

A former art dealer and current happy stay-at-home wife and mom, we often see Charlotte in peplum skirts and puffy sleeves; both silhouetted pieces that are ultra-femme and classic, which is the vibe you’re most likely seeking if you love her style. For your bridal look, stay true to the fantasy of your storybook love like Mrs. Goldenblatt, and go for the ball gown and princess silhouettes. If this leading lady has taught us anything in fashion it’s that the classics are sometimes best! So, go for whimsical Try adding feminine touches like bows, belts, and sweetheart or square strapped necklines to give the classic yet intentionally styled Charlotte touch. 

Images by David’s Bridal, WONA Concept, Lihi Hod.

Miranda Hobbes:

Images by Max and Getty Images.

For confident and bold brides, doing a deep dive into Miranda’s versatility with fashion is your best method of gathering inspiration! If you’re into going against the bridal fashion traditions of old and setting your own style standard, take a page out of Miranda’s book and try rocking a bold suit for your special day or sophisticated necklines like a halter or elegant cape sleeves. Miranda Hobbes’ style is all about being confident in what you wear. So if you’re a woman seeking to own your look, find your inner Miranda and make it bridal!

Images by Verdin Bridal, Jenny Packham, and Pnina Tornai.

Lisa Todd Wexley:

LTW has become the style star we never knew we needed and we are thankful for her representation on our screens! A beacon of all things colorful, fun, and luxe, Lisa Todd Wexley, played by Nicole Ari Parker is a force when it comes to her looks. 

Images by Max and Getty Images.

Although a newcomer to the SATC universe, Lisa Todd Wexley’s style has become the talk of the show. With evident inspirations from Black Fashion Queens past like Diahann Carroll and 80s silhouettes throughout her wardrobe, this fashionista is the coveted inspiration for brides everywhere. If you’re a lover of all things bold and beautiful, be like LTW and prioritize making a statement with your look by looking to Black Bridal Designers to craft your dream look. For LTW, Black-Owned looks are king! Check out some of our favorite white pulls from all Black-Owned bridal designers Laury Bride, Amsale, and Esé Azénabor below.

Images by Laury Bride, Amsale, and Esé Azénabor.

Written by Writer, Kennedi LéShea.

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