Brides Love Blondes: Celebrity Inspired Tips for Epic Blonde Hair & 5 Must-Have Products to Maintain It

Let’s be honest, ladies: Although a road less traveled, Black Women rocking blonde tresses is a category that deserves 10s across the board. But sporting a head full of blonde hair is no easy feat. Aside from the obvious challenges of color maintenance, such as lifting the hair to the desired tone, or preventing damage due to the intense chemical procedure,  many believe blonde hair to only be  for non Black Women or Black women of lighter hues. However, despite the false narrative, Black Queens  continue to shut down the racist and colorist based ideologies  that have attempted to police Black Women’s hair care journeys. 

So when considering fading to blonde we can take head from these bombshells below for how to confidently rock the look.

3 Gems We Can Learn From These Black & Blonde Bombshells:

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Beyoncé: Blonde On Top

These days, we see Bey rocking her long natural tresses but majority of the time she’s in a slayed full unit. Queen Bey (and her Mom/Hair stylist Tina) has taught us that healthy hair is often best left alone for as long as possible. Because the truth is, the less manipulation the better and by rocking protective styles like wigs or braids you can keep the blonde look without having to put your hair through as much stress. This is also a great option for those wanting to wear blonde without having to make the commitment of dyeing your natural hair at all! 

Images by Getty Images, BET.

Mary J. Blige: Watch Your Tone

For the Queen of Hip Hop R&B, blonde tresses have been an iconic staple for her legendary beauty sense. And what makes MBJ’s blonde so memorable is that no matter what decade or era she in, she sticks to platinum! By finding a color that suited her style and her skin tone best, she captured the best hue to compliment her melanated skin, teaching us that blonde can look good on anybody if you find your perfect tone!

There are so many shades of blonde to choose from so rather than counting out the color all together, try focusing on finding a shade or tone you feel will flatter you.

Images by Paramount+, Derek Kettela, @kamiecrawfod.

Legally Blonde

Despite what we’ve been told, dyeing your hair blonde can be done healthily and TV host extraordinaire Kamie Crawford proves that! Sticking to a signature brown base with blonde highlights, Kamie gives her hair the blonde look she desires without compromising all of her hair’s integrity. So what’s the trick? Having a go to hair care regimen. If your natural hair is being continuously dyed blonde it will need a bit more TLC so keeping your hair health a priority is major key.

Images by Breaux Moments Studios, Virge Simone, & Kesha Lambert.

Now let’s talk about weddings. If you’re a Bride ready to proudly rock your Blonde hair but may be questioning its “appropriateness” we’re here to say do your thing! There’s nothing wrong with donning Blonde for your wedding day but don’t forget to keep your hair happy and healthy along the way. Taking proper care of your hair prior to your wedding day beauty experience will not only ensure your hair looks bomb as blonde, but your strands remain intact after the styling process.  

Below we’ve gathered our Top 5 Product Picks for our Blonde Bridal Babes! Check out these products,their benefits, and let us know if YOU are going blonde for your wedding day. And don’t forget to use hashtag #BlackBride1998 on instagramso we can see how you rocked your blonde tresses! 

OUAI Hair Mask for Thick Hair

A treatment specifically targeted for damaged hair, this rich mask delivers moisture, restores shine and repairs any damage that may have occured during the dyeing process.

Image by OUAI.

PATTERN Beauty The Treatment Bundle

This treatment bundle by Tracee Ellis Ross’ PATTERN Beauty includes a mask, scalp serum, and self-heating jojoba oil blend packs to give your blonde tresses the self-care they need. 

Images by PATTERN Beauty.

Mielle Organics Rice Water Split End Therapy for Healthy Hair

A lightweight oil blended with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, rice water and yozu, this product from Mielle Organics is perfect to prevent breakage and maintain length.  

Image by Mielle Organics.

The Hair Kitchen No. 5 Rosemary + Mint Hair Growth Oil

This hair growth stimulating oil from The Hair Kitchen is a wonderworker when it comes to helping your hair meet its highest growth potential. Its  ingredient-rich formula will help to revitalize hair follicles at the roots even after color touch ups.

Image by The Hair Kitchen.

Olaplex Blonde Maintenance

All blondes must have a full hair care system. Olaplex has crafted an entire category of products to help maintain your blonde locs and with products including a toning shampoo, a moisture mask and hair perfecting treatment. 

Images by Olaplex.

Written by Writer, Kennedi LéShea.

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