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Modern Elegance: An Engagement Session in Houston, TX

In 2017, after meeting at work Gabrielle and Jarret became best friends, and  have been together ever since.  Five years later, they are preparing to become husband and wife.  They share more about their relationship:

“We have faced ups and downs, but just like photographs, we have developed from the negatives. We changed each other for the better. We pray for and with each other and that is our greatest weapon.” Check out their gorgeous engagement session captured by our Bridal Suite member, Second Shots Photography that was recently featured in the latest issue of Black Bride Magazine.

Bride: Gabrielle Yates, 39, Physician Informaticist

Groom: Jarret Fornerette, 37, Physician Trainer 

Place of Residence: Houston, TX 

Photography By: Second Shots Photography

Engagement Shoot Location: Dreamlite Production Studios Houston, TX 

Wedding Date: August 20, 2023 

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Photo Nov 17 2022, 13 38 03 (6)

Engagement story (please tell us the story of your engagement proposal and  your most memorable moments)

Jarret had an elaborate proposal  planned for Valentine’s day but I had been so sick while healing from a  procedure and down because of it that he decided to do it while we were at home. It was perfect. 

I was in pain and crying. While I was sitting in a chair, he stooped down and said, “Baby it’s gonna  be ok. You are going to heal and the pain will be gone soon.” He then said, “Will you marry me?” and I said, “Of course.” Not knowing he was asking formally. He pulled out a beautiful ring that melted my  heart and lifted my spirits. I was in total shock. I think my pain stopped  completely at that moment. 

For the Groom: Walk us through the behind the scenes of creating this  special day: 

We knew we wanted fashion because our theme is New York Fashion Week/ The Met Gala. We searched high and low for different looks. Originally our shoot was meant to be outside but that week the forecast said 90% rain. I rushed to look for indoor studios  and found a place that turned out perfect. 

 Were there any memorable moments during the shoot? The way we keep each other laughing is our biggest  connection and the shoot was so much fun because  taking pictures is new for me.

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

Marrying  the man that God created for me. No one loves me more, prays for me  more, supports me more, or respects me more than him. Marrying my  partner in life is what I look forward to the most. 

Photo Sep 28 2022, 07 04 58
Photo Nov 17 2022, 13 38 03 (8)
Photo Nov 17 2022, 13 37 54
Photo Nov 17 2022, 13 38 03 (5)
Photo Nov 17 2022, 13 38 01 (2)

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them many years of wedded bliss.

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