Beach Beauty Essentials! –

Summer brings lots of fun in the sun, but can also alter your beauty routine.  Switching up a few things can help prevent messy makeup meltdowns and prevent skin damage. Check out our top 5 must have beach ready beauty products for your next trip to the shore!

Beach Beauty Essentials

1. Bobbi Brown No Smudge Waterproof mascara 

If mascara is a must when hitting the beach or pool this summer, always go “waterproof” to prevent the lashes from becoming brittle. With rave reviews, this mascara gives a lasting effect without all the hassle of clumps and the appearance of dark circles around the eye area. Plus, although it’s waterproof, it’s very easy to remove!

2. Eos Smooth Sphere lip balm

Long gone are the days of winter chapped lips, but that doesn’t mean to forgo the lip protection. What a great and convenient way to soothe your summer lips than a mini ball of shea butter combined with coconut milk, vitamins C &E-all great factors for warm weather. This product combats dry lips and is also paraben, gluten, phthalate, and petrolatum-free. No need for the extra petrolatum on those hot summer days! Save that ingredient for the cold months! Ideal for your beach tote, purse, car, and even work desk.

3. Clean & Clear Touch Oil Absorbing Sheets

Let’s face it, Summer heat can bring on skin changes just as much as cold weather. Try adding a pack of blotting papers in your beach or handbag. There’s nothing worse than wearing makeup with patches of oil and sweat, here and there. These are also another great desk drawer staple.

4. Aveeno Hydrosport Sunscreen spray

Please don’t forget sunscreen! Always apply 15-20 minutes before heading out in the sun. Sunscreen spray can be just as important as lotions and creams. In fact, it’s a lot easier, convenient, and weightless. With an SPF of 30 this sunscreen gives superb results both in and out of the water.

5. BareMinerals cream eyeshadow

The best thing about cream eyeshadows is that they look great dry or wet, which is just perfect for those who dare to be “bare faced” on the beach or poolside. These soft, buttery shadows are richly hued and provide long lasting coverage.  Pick a color that best suits your mood and be sure to use a primer as a base before applying.


Let us  know what products you will be packing for your beach trip this summer, in the comments below!


Carla Cumbo is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Carla’s desires to write combined with a love for makeup, beauty products, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle have led her to blog and provide product reviews.
Carla is originally from Hampton Roads, VA and currently lives in the Washington, DC area. She has guest blogged, writes, and made appearances where she provides updates on the latest looks in makeup, skincare, and daily living. Carla is about all things Beauty, both inside and out. Her tips and beauty advice can be found on LavishlifeBlog.

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