Celebrating Beauty Brands ‘For Us By Us’

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This "Beauty Breakdown Tuesday" we are celebrating the top beauty brands that are black owned and marketed for women of color. Giving you Black History with your beauty dose this week is sure to do you more than good as we highlight the best in beauty skin and hair by black entrepreneurs. With the continuous surge of the natural hair movement and the infiltration of black beauty icons in mainstream media, comes the proliferation of black-owned business with a beautiful purpose. Beauty "For Us By Us" is the best beauty advocate any woman can ask for especially when its produced by Queens and Kings who look just like we do. Even outside of Black History month these brands should be celebrated and supported just for solving the beauty conundrums of women of color who thought that could never look as stunning as the mainstream media's most celebrated Eurocentric beauties. But enough about the politics, its time to reveal some of  our favorite black owned beauty brands.

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