4 Natural Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylist Johnny Lavoy

According to Celebrity Hair Stylist Johnny Lavoy, whose clients include Chanel Iman, Serena Williams and more, warmer weather is the perfect time to embrace and enhance your natural texture.” And we couldn’t agree more! Straightening kinks and coils is a challenge on a normal day, but adding humidity into the mix is enough to make even the silkiest of presses to revert — which is frustrating if you’ve spent your hard earned money and time for a changed up do. 

To avoid this heartache, Lavoy says now is the time to work with your mane in preparation for those style-testing hot days. 

Below are Lavoy’s top 4 tips for taking charge of your natural summer waves!

1. Diffuse.

“A diffuser distributes the heat from your dryer without the wind (wind is what will separate your texture while drying, resulting is frizz). Pairing a diffuser with an ionic dryer is the most efficient way to prevent frizz. I recommend the PRO Beauty Tools ionic dryer that comes with both a nozzle and diffuser so you’re all set for any season.”


2. Define.

“If your waves are weak or need a little definition, I suggest using a heat tool to help your style along. I love the new 3-in-1 ceramic wand from PRO Beauty Tools. It comes with three different size attachments so it will cover any size wave you want to create. Its even heat distribution prevents the hair from getting burned. Defining is as easy as picking up a few rebellious strands and simply wrapping them around the wand for a couple seconds. PRO TIP: leave the last 2-3 inches of the hair out for a more relaxed natural look.” 

3. Maintain.

“The great thing about wavy styles are they are easy to maintain, so you don’t have to redo the styling process every day. An easy way to keep your waves overnight is to gather your hair into a high ponytail and create a loose braid. The high pony will make it comfortable to sleep on and the braid will enhance the waviness of your hair while you sleep.”


4. Condition.

“One of my favorite tips: style with a deep conditioner. This is great if you’re spending the day at the beach or plan on wearing your hair in a slicked braid or bun. The treatment will help protect your hair from the sun’s rays while also penetrating the cuticle as the heat from sun opens it up. It’s a genius way to look chic while treating your hair. Pair it up with a hair accessory and no one would guess you’re doing double duty.”

Are you ready to rock your natural this summer? Let us know in the comments below!


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