An Enchanted All-White Wedding in Atlanta, GA

When Jessica took a trip to  Worcester, Massachusetts to visit her cousin she had no idea she would meet her future husband! One night, Jessica and George were introduced to each other and not long after that, George was  hopping on a flight to visit Atlanta, GA to ask Jessica to be his girlfriend. Four years later, the lovely couple tied the knot in a romantic wedding ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out more from their special day captured by Sterling Pics.  

Bride: Jessica Lamptey, 27, Hair Stylist 

Groom: George Lamptey, 28, Financial Analyst 

Photography by: Sterling Pics  

Place of residence: Atlanta, GA 

Wedding date: April 3, 2021 

Wedding location: Springhall Event Venue; Atlanta, GA 

Wedding theme/motif/inspiration: Enchanted All-white

Honeymoon Destination: Los Cabos, Mexico 

Engagement story:  

Prior to the engagement, I spoke to  Jessica’s father to state my intentions and let him know what my plans were. He gave his blessing but asked  that I wait until she graduated, prior to  proposing. At that very moment, I knew  exactly what I was going to do.  

On Saturday, December 7, 2019, I took  Jessica out to a romantic dinner at The Sun Dial  Restaurant, which is a restaurant on the 73rd floor of  The Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel. At the same time  that dinner was happening, the hotel event coordinators were decorating an event hall on the 14th floor that I had booked for the surprise  proposal. I hired a photographer and  videographer who were awaiting our entrance after  dinner to capture the moment.  

After dinner, we made our way to the elevator and Jessica assumed we were making our way to the lobby  to head to her house after a lovely evening. Once we got to the 14th floor and the door opened, we  made our way toward the room.

Prior to entering the room, Jessica noticed the  photographer and videographer and began to tear up  as she knew what was about to happen. I  opened the door and to Jessica’s  amazement, she saw her closest friends, family  members and some of my friends who were there. I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me and she said a resounding YES! 

The Sun Dial Restaurant had been the location of our  very first date, and the place that I (George) asked  Jessica to be my girlfriend. Exactly 1,000 days later, it  was the exact location that we would have the privilege of sharing the next milestone in our relationship, as  fiances!  

From the Bride: 

My wedding day experience was  even more magical than I could have ever imagined.  The best part of it all is that I never got the nerves that most people get; but rather was surprisingly calm the  entire time and weekend leading up to and during the  wedding. 

From the Groom: 

My wedding day experience was by far the most unforgettable moment in my life thus far.  The love, fun, dancing, exchange of vows, music and every single aspect of the wedding and ceremony was  perfect. Every expectation that we had was even  surpassed! 


Your best/most memorable moment:  

If we absolutely had to choose one, which is so  difficult, the best/most memorable moment for us  would be our first look. It was just the two of us getting to share an intimate moment with one another and  enjoy just ourselves before all the hype, attention, etc.  of that day.  

A very close second would be our first dance at our reception where we got so lost in each other that it  seemed like it was just the two of us, dancing in an empty room, filled with the joy and happiness that only genuine love and a successful ceremony could bring.  

Wedding song, explain choice for song:  “You Waited” by Travis Greene; we chose this song because as aforementioned, God is  a big part of our relationship. This song is a beautiful  gospel love song to God, from an artist who is of  utmost gratitude to God for His patience with the  artist. The song speaks of God’s patience and  willingness to not only wait for us during our messy  stage but to help us clean it up in order to become the  best version of ourselves!  

Favorite wedding detail:  

The Saxophone guy was one of the highlights of our  wedding. He played some of our favorite songs, Gospel songs, and classics, which had everyone join in singing  during dinner time. He was money well spent!  

What are you most looking forward to as a  married couple? 

We are also looking forward to all the experiences and  adventures together, since most of our time together  has been during a long-distance stage. We are also  really excited for the opportunity to build a home, life,  and God-willing, a family together.  

Advice for a Bride/Groom on their wedding day:

The best advice we could give is for the couple to hire  at least a wedding coordinator, if they can’t afford an event planner. This is because a lot of unforeseen things  will come up on that day that will required the couples’ attention/intervention. With a wedding  coordinator in place, the bride and groom can actually  stay in the moment and enjoy every bit of their special  day! 

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them a fruitful marriage and many years of wedded bliss! 


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