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You’ve taken the time to plan all the details of your wedding day to make sure everything goes off without a hitch – from flowers to jewelry, from favors to linens, from your bridal gown to your hair (and hopefully your makeup too)! You’ll look absolutely stunning and with all your bridesmaids standing with you in their beautiful handpicked dresses they’ll look stunning too. That is, if you’ve taken the time to plan your bridal beauty routine – bridesmaids included.

Photo: Your Endless Memories Photography; Wedding: Eric & Yari Lamback, June 27th, 2015; Hairstylist: Kia Sterling; Makeup Artist: iPro Makeup

  So, what about your bridesmaids?

Many brides, in their effort to be less demanding – especially on their bridesmaid’s pockets – leave the choice of professional makeup services up to their favorite girls. While it’s a nice gesture I’ll point out some of the pros and cons of this. Be warned, there are more cons than pros! But before diving into that, I’ve listed some of the reasons you should include bridesmaids makeup in the budget from the very beginning:

They’ll look amazing at the wedding and in your cherished photos. Isn’t that enough?

They’ll feel more confident knowing they look beautiful.

You’ll have more exciting moments to share with them as you prep for your special day.

Your bridal party looks more uniform.

Optional makeup: PROS

  1. You get to be the cool bride. Giving them an option adds an extra level of comfort making it easier and more affordable for your bridesmaids to be in your wedding.
  2. It’s one less expense to worry about. Bridesmaids don’t feel pressured to spend the extra cash on one more expense. After all, they bought the gown, the jewelry; have to pay for hair, and shoes. Who needs makeup anyway right?
  3. Did I mention you get to be the cool bride?

Photo: Sheronda Seawright Photography; Wedding Lotonia & Nate Smith, May 24, 2015 –

Optional makeup: CONS

  1. It’s risky. The biggest con of allowing your bridesmaids to opt in or out of professional makeup services is risking them looking, well…a hot mess! Instead of paying for makeup they may decide to do their own botch job and could very well look like Mimi. You know which one I’m talking about!
  2. Your photos and videos are forever. This is a photographed and filmed event!!! Do you really want your bridesmaids lined up next to you in your photos looking anything less than as stunning as you always imagined them?
  3. Don’t make your bridesmaids compete. If only some of your bridesmaids have professional makeup, the others who don’t may feel “unpretty” or even a little self-conscious. Do women need anything else that makes them feel the need to compete?
  4. Your bridesmaids look mix-matched. You’ve worked so hard to coordinate every detail including their dresses and even their hair. Why skimp on the makeup?

Photo: True Photography

We hope these simple words of advice will encourage you to make your bridal beauty routine a top priority for yourself and of course serves as a reminder – don't forget the bridesmaids!

What did you decide for your wedding day for your bridesmaids? Join the conversation! Share your comments below or on social media @blackbride1998.

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