Emotional Spending Test

Are you an emotional spender? Have you wondered how to tell and what you can do about it? Below are five questions to help you determine if you are an emotional spender. If you are a bride to be and can get this under control, you could alleviate a stress area in your marriage even before you say "I Do". If you are reading this and already married, you can take steps to get this under control and change your marriage for the better.

How to know if you are an emotional spender:

(1) What tempts you to spend? Is it fashion magazine, watching those shopping commercials or even getting those sales flyers in the mail or local paper? Do you think they are calling out to you and you can't resist?

(2) Are you always going to the mall with friends who have a lot of money to spend and no limits; then you feel pressured to keep up?

(3) Do you spend when you and your spouse get into a disagreement? Do you find yourself using spending as a means of comforting yourself even though it is only temporary?

(4) Are you the impulse shopper that will say it was on sale or they only had one left and I had to get it?

(5) Have you taken into account your budget or did you just buy it because you thought you could?

How do you stop the emotional spending?

(1) Of course the way to combat all of those is to stop looking at the magazines or commercials that tempt you.

(2) Instead of going to the mall with those friends who have a lot of money to spend, do something that is more productive of your time.

(3) For the husband and wife that get into a disagreement – resolve it so there's no money being ill spent and causing more financial challenges.

(4) If you haven't planned to spend the money, then don't buy anything regardless of how good the sell is.

(5) Know what your budget is prior to leaving the house and stick to it.


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