Money and Marriage Journey –

Where did the time go? Let me tell you Black Brides, there is a lot that happens when it comes to money and marriage from the time you say yes I will marry you (your engagement), to the aisle when you say I Do and the many years of marital bliss ahead.

The road can wind, turn and it can also be straight at certain periods of time. The test is will you and your spouse be strong enough in your relationship to weather the different turns your finances will take.

Last year as I as working heavily in healthcare, the stories I heard from couples were some of the first ones I had ever heard before. Wives would call and say, this is the first time we will not have health insurance due to the cost. Husband would call and say, I can't add my wife and kids to my employer sponsored plan.

In each situation, both genuinely felt bad. All of their marriage they always had the money to take care of health insurance. NOW, this became an eye opening situation that they were not prepared for.

Yet, they recognized they had to make a hard choice because it would affect their household in a manner that was not favorable to them. Money and marriage sometimes require you to make the hard choices that may not look pretty; however it may be the very decision that WILL in hindsight save your finances. It may keep you from creating financial stress and strain in your relationship.

Let's face it because once financial stress and strain comes, the blame game starts. When I look at those situations I mentioned above, what those couples had to decide was what is going to be our solution. There is always a solution out there, you have to step back, remove the emotion and DECIDE what will work for your family.


Dr. Taffy is a much sought after dynamic speaker regarding personal finances, home ownership, women’s issues, business issues and more. Dr. Taffy is the best-selling author of Debt Dilemma and Homebuyer’s Helper. She has also written Discharged into Debt which is a book for military personnel and their family on personal finances. Dr. Taffy holds many degrees and wears numerous hats including homeschool parent and entrepreneur. She and her husband Eric reside in Colorado with their twins, Erica and Cody.

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