Real Engagements {Washington, D.C.}: Shayna & Joshua! –

Shayna and Joshua met in February of 2015 thanks to the dating app, Tinder. "Neither of us had the intent of meeting our future husband or wife on the app, but as many of us know, life has a tendency to do what it wants to do," said Shayna.  Before they met each other on the dating app, they had both been actively dating and had been on their fair share of unsuccessful dates, that were largely as a result to a lack of connection or excitement. However, when Shayna and Joshua met, the connection was definitely there, even before their first date. "We ended up closing down the first restaurant and made our way to another one close by. As the night drew to an end, we both knew we wanted to see each other again, and soon, but didn't want to come off as…well, desperate," said Shayna about their first date. Shayna and Joshua threw caution to the wind and ended up seeing each other every day for the next three days straight. "Those four dates opened the doors to a relationship with a solid and genuine bond and an unwavering and unconditional love," said Shayna.  Joshua and Shayna are planning to celebrate their union this September in Charleston, SC, with a classic coastal themed wedding. Check out their laid back, chic engagement session captured by Deeba Yavrom of Donya Photography!

Engagement story from bride-to-be:

I was actually pretty upset with Josh on the day leading up to the proposal! It was New Year's Eve and I had spent the day working with movers to get us into our new (and first) place together. Josh had to work but promised to be home early enough to unpack a few boxes and then hit the road for Philly where we had NYE dinner plans with some friends. Before he's about to leave work, he told me he accidentally shipped his swim trunks to his old apartment – we were leaving for Mexico in two days – and would need to swing by to pick them up before coming my way. I was little bothered by the situation, but let it go since we still had plenty of time to head north. Please note: Josh was without a cellphone that day so when six came and went with no sign of him, I was equal parts incredibly worried and upset. Josh finally gets home with a story of how his trunks were essentially a hot potato for the FedEx drivers, sending him from his old apartment to the main office and back again since he had already moved out of the building. He still didn't have it in hand, so on our way up to Philly, we needed to swing by one last time for the swim trunks. I couldn't believe our NYE was on the verge of being ruined over a pair of swim trunks! Fast forward to Philly, we make it to the restaurant during the dessert course but our waitress was kind enough to box up our dinner to-go. We make our way to our friend's house for the champagne and countdown. Midnight hits, we kiss, and on cue, my parents call on FaceTime to say "Happy New Year!" to the two of us. In the middle of saying something, Josh snatches my phone and hands it to his best friend, Bryun. Bewildered at why he would do that, I turn around to an on-bended-knee Josh and I the first words I ask are, "why are you on the floor." It then hits me, this man is proposing…to me…on New Year's Eve! I start kissing him before he can even ask, which he called me out on, so I stood up to let him officially ask and all of that anger I had going on? That definitely all disappeared as I answered "Yes!"

Engagement story from groom:

My mother always told me, "You gotta know, that you know, that you know… and when that happens, you'll KNOW." Well, I always thought that was hyperbole, but how does that ol' saying go? "Mama knows best." Well, I realized that I KNEW Shayna was my special someone. I procured the blessing from her father and now just needed a plan for the proposal. Shayna and I had a Mexican getaway planned for the New Year! What's better and more romantic than to propose to the love of your life over a romantic, candlelit, lobster dinner on the beach at dusk? Well, maybe you've heard this other metaphor, "every fighter has a plan until they get punched in the mouth"? On New Year's Eve, also moving and travel day, life threw me haymakers! I had left work around noon in order to pick up the ring but one o'clock comes, no ring. Two o'clock came, still no ring. A phone call to FedEx…driver is running late they say, back log from the holidays they say, and I'm assured the driver will be there by five. Well, five o'clock comes, no driver, no ring, and a very frustrated Josh. Six o'clock, after another phone call to FedEx, I head to the package facility to meet the driver by 6:30 and pick up the ring. Seven o'clock, the driver shows up, but he doesn't have the package! He passed it to a buddy who was making another run to my old place! Eight o'clock, I get home to a very upset girlfriend who can't possibly fathom why I would ruin our nine o'clock NYE plans in Philadelphia over some swimming trunks. I know what you're thinking — Josh, that's the weakest excuse ever. I've ruined New Years and started our vacation off on the wrong foot! On the drive to Philly, I start texting my backup (her mother, her sister, and my best friend's wife) to let them know that I only see one way out of this mess and that's to pop the question tonight! We arrive in Philly and head to the friend's house. Mind you, I'm more nervous than I've ever been in life at this point, I just want to get this done so she'll stop being mad at
me. Twelve o'clock, the ball drops, we cheer, we toast, we kiss, then her parents call. Without thinking, I snatch the phone out her hand and pass it to my best friend! I drop down on one knee, she whips around trying to figure out why'd I snatched the phone, and more, why I'm on the floor! Then she sees it and lights up. To be honest, I don't even know what I said. I just know that I was never more happier than I was in that perfect moment!

What was the theme for the engagement shoot:

We love getting dressed up, so we took this shoot as no exception. Being that it was March, we definitely wanted to look classic with bright color…all the while looking like it wasn't 20 degrees outside!

What makes your love special?

We truly believe we were made for one another. Where one of us may not be as strong, the other easily compensates; we're seamless complements of each other. We know what we have is special, sincere, and sacred; it's something that should be cherished and we will do whatever it takes to keep it. Also, at the end of the day, we always have fun with one another and isn't your forever partner who you should have all the fun with?

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